Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Picnic

Just a few things I want to mention before I get to Louise's Picnic.

First, thank you to Moogie for following my blog!! You should surf over to Moogie's blog because there are some great recipes there.

Second....please wear sun screen people. I just finished with a treatment called Levulan Photodynamic Therapy. Some of you may remember when I had a basil cell carcinoma and the "minor surgery"........yikes....I decided to try this other treatment for my next occurrence and...well...just wear the sun screen folks!

Last but most certainly not least friend Louise invited me to a picnic!
I brought a squash dish which was a simple dish of steamed squash, mixed with ricotta cheese, bread crumbs and Swiss cheese. Baked the mix for about 20 minutes at 350 F and it's creamy side dish to accentuate a grilled steak or...whatever you please.

Please check out her picnic HERE. Lots of good recipes. I was late to the party but....what can I say!

We like our steaks rare....

Please pop over to see Louise's collection of dishes at Months of Edible Celebrations. Next year...I'll be on time to the picnic :-)


Joanne said...

That squash casserole looks delicious! I'm inviting you to my next picnic for sure. Happy 4th!

~~louise~~ said...

I do hope you are feeling well, Tina. I need to remember that sunscreen when I work out in the garden.

Thank you so very much for "bringing" the casserole. It looks mighty refreshing and yummy! I'd rather have you at the picnic late than not at all:) You were a doll for throwing this together for us and I for one truly appreciate it!!! Delicious:)

I know I said it before but I just must. I LOVE your new look.

Wishing you a Safe & Happy 4th, Tina. Don't eat too much. Heck, knock yourself out and gorge!!!

Wandering Coyote said...

I have to wear sunscreen or else I burn to a crisp! SPF 30!

I hope you are doing OK, Pierce...My co-worker has had some surgeries for her basel cell carcinoma...Yikes indeed.

Julie said...

Thank you for the very important sunscreen easy to just forget it! Your squash dish looks very unique and wonderfuL! Happy 4th to you and yours :)

Pierce said...

Joanne - thank you, I love picnics!

Louise - Thank you for all the nice comments. We are planning a roasted prok loin and I really look forward to it!

WC - It sucks to be sure but I didn't think about all the sun damage when I was younger. Loved to get tan! Thanks for your help with the yeast.

Julie - It is an easy thing to forget for sure, but I'll be using it always. And a hat.
Glad you like the casserole and thanks for your nice comments.

Le laquet said...

I ask the question once more (taking into account the mid Atlantic squash debate) ~ squash = courgette or pumpkin/gourd? Wait, it has cheese sauce and crumbs and therefore I don't care just bring it on!!!

Thanks to a horrific storm 2 nights ago the pickled walnuts are on the move - 40 walnut trees down on one farm so 7lbs of walnuts are in brine no.1 for a week. Fences are down, trees will need to be replanted, luckily (at the moment) the river level hasn't risen from rainwater coming down the valley!!!!! Day time temps still in the 40s - les joies de la France!! :o(

Le laquet said...

p.s. I work outside (kindergarten does that to you) and I wear minimum factor 30 all year long!
Mrs L
x x

Pierce said...

Madama L - Ah...the squash debate...I think it's like courgettes. I was just having a discussion about the terminology about different types of yeast with my bread mentor (Wandering Coyote) and why americans have to have a different name for things..I dunno. But it can make things difficult.

Good for you on the sun screen and may your beauty never be marred!
Horrible news on the walnuts and your weather. Have a drink!


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