Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giada's Cookies

The theme this week at I Heart Cooking Club - Giada’s Cookies!

I adapted it a bit…but the basic recipe is HERE

My cookies do not look like Giada’s recipe because I forgot to make the cream cheese filling. (That is probably a mixed blessing). But that is not the only reason.

I prepared the cookie dough with a healthy wine buzz from dinner while chatting on my phone to Tristan’s fiancée……meanwhile, as I was whisking the ingredients and running my mouth…..Doug pours me a tumbler of Bushmills Irish whiskey. He says a shot…yeah…….it was a tumbler.

I’m whisking the dough with vigor and losing track of time….the chocolate chip pieces become one with the mixture. Results….the cookies are not the light blondey color…rather a deep cocoa brown. Still tasty. This has to be my last cookie until January!

It’s the time of year when people bring sweets to the office. You have soooo many sweets around, making weight gain a serious threat. For those of us that can not resist temptation that is. That would be me (waving hand in the air). And my lot at Squirrel Head Manor.

I eat the chocolate and the cookies and all the ooey gooey sweets and desserts people bring in …and what happens? I start feeling light headed. Yes. I eat enough sugar some days that I feel bad. The benefit of this? It’s no effort to pass by that cookie plate the next day.

Well…this is IT. These were good, and I only ate two…but I can’t handle more sweets for a good long while.

Pass the cookies….right on down the table. I think I’ll chew on a celery stick from my Bloody Mary. Haha

Less drinking these next few weeks too.

End of whinging and whining.

Go check out cookies at IHCC...........if you'd like :-)


Kim said...

I hear you on the cookies, Tina. I've had so many this week...I couldn't even think of eating another one (and that is a huge statement coming from me). Glad to hear these were good!

Joanna said...

LOL, my cookies were a total bust, so I'm glad to not be the only one facing baking challenges!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

You had me up until the less drinking! ;-)
I don't have a huge sweet tooth either, but things do keep showing up. I wish people would bring more savoury foods for potlucks. Give me an eggroll over cakes and cookies any day! ☺
That being said, yours look yummy!

Katerina said...

Lol, I have already had so many sweets so far that I don't know how I will handle the whole Christmas season.

Drick said...

these look to be nice and crisp, just the way I like cookies and I like the dark color with the tiny bits of chocolate, so to me, your over-whipping, whiskey influenced method works just fine - hey, its the best way to cook!!!! oh, and it helps to write down things as you go otherwise I can't remember a blasted thing I did....

Debinhawaii said...

I thought I had enough cookies but the lemon ones I made are not that sweet and hard to not eat. I had to give them to the neighbors otherwise i would have eaten them all.

These look like they would be good and chocolaty. ;-)

Pierce said...

Kim - I know....why so many sweets in December!!!

Joanna - Your post was Hilarious! I am sorry your cookies didn't work out. I know waht you mean :-)

Natashya - i agree, eggrolls would be grand. Oh, and I changed my mind on the drinking! I vow to drink more next year, Less desserts...more wine.

Katerina - I know what you mean...too much sugar!

Drick - I dont usually cook with a buzz but...they worked out...chocolately.

Deb - Lemon is a favorite of mine...OK, I could eat more cookies if lemon is involved :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Doug pours whiskey like Simon pours brandy ;o) They still look delicious.

Mrs L

Brenda said...

This was a funny post, I love the baking while drinking. Been there, done that - whoops! And I'm with you on the sweets. I've had it!! I'm baking cookies today but it will be easy to let everyone else eat them. I'm craving healthy food!

Pierce said...

Mrs L - They'd make fine bartenders for us while we cooked, right?! I'd love to try that sometime.

Brenda - Hi girl! I am submitting something to your cookbook sunday series in another week. Still rounding up my photos.
Yes...healthier food please....maybe I can make a good start on that next week :-)


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