Monday, December 27, 2010

Shrimp and Chorizo...and other stuff

The nights are cold...even in Florida. What worked so very well for us, a comforting dish that warms the belly? A variation of Velva’s shrimp and chorizo stew. Her recipe and link is HERE

Many of you have snow - lots of it - so I shouldn't complain............but frost ....for us?

A view from our front door.....the field gets a frosting.

Thanks for all the nice comments you all have left me and especially regarding my whining over a skin cancer issue. It's really not a huge thing, I know it will be taken care of but sometimes....I think ......really? Had my turn. But then, the sins of hanging around in the sun and using cooking oil to grease up my arms and legs...Brilliant!

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday....we enjoyed a good meal and did some family visiting.

Today is my son's 22nd birthday and he asked for a rum cake. It's been made and I am aching to cut a slice! We are meant to be heading out tonight to Barnacle Bill's Oyster Bar for an evening of seafood and beer. Great way to celebrate our last birthday with Tristan while he's still home with us.
By March he'll be in the Army and that will be odd, not being able to call him or have dinner with him.

Anyway, I digress....and ramble..........have a great week!



Rita said...

That must be difilcult to know your sone is going in the army and be away from home. Hard to understand what is happening in florida; we have so many friends spending their winters there;they are disapointed this year.
Would have love to go to yiur oyster bar; none in my little corner.

Drick said...

ramble on dear... hope your nite is enjoyable and memorable with the days remaining (and the beer & oysters are delish)....

Janel said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. The weatherman is saying our weather is warming up so we might have a mess soon with all of the melting snow!

Pierce said...

Rita - I have mixed feelings about Tristan joining the army. Pride, worry...much love and support.

Yes, Florida is getting unusually cold temperatures. The weatherman stated it's the coldest winter on record. I will take photos of the oyster bar and will sure eat an oyster for you! Is raw ok? :-)

Drick - thank you so much! Hope you are staying warm. Alabama is getting their share of the cold temps too. We actually had snow flurries yesterday, that was wild.

Janel - I sure do remember what a pain it was to have the snow melting when I lived in Michigan. Lots of slop. Great to hear from you. Stay warm!

~ Lyndsay The Kitchen Witch said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderfully warm and delicious looking dish - despite the cold temperatures!

Katerina said...

I guess nature takes her revenge this winter. You have sever cold there and we have a very warm winter so far.
It is hard to let your children go. Enjoy these moments with him. This soup looks very hearty and comforting.

Pierce said...

Lyndsay - thank you so much. By the way, I love your new format on your blog. The letters are great.

Katerina - Warm winter? I'll be on the next flight! Thanks for the kind words about Tristan. It IS hard to let your child go...even when they are not kids anymore :-(

Anonymous said...

Wait, digressing and rambling - aren't those just other words for blogging ;o)

The shrimp and chorizo sounds like a magical combination ... mild clean shrimp, salty, paprika-y chorizo - drool!! Hope you had a great evening out and that Tristan really enjoyed his rum cake.

Mrs L x


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