Friday, January 28, 2011

Alexia, Foodbuzz and the Tastemakers Program - What a Lovely Combo

We’re walking the shibas, heading back toward the house when we see a truck pull into our driveway. It’s not a FedEx or UPS truck. We aren’t expecting a delivery and we live in a rural area where company isn’t a common thing. WTF? While I am hoping they’ll steal the useless Kawasaki in our bike port I am pleasantly surprised by the delivery.

As a member of the Tastemaker’s Program with Foodbuzz – I found myself treated to a beautiful new apron, all courtesy of Alexia

Included with my apron was a coupon allowing me to try an Alexia product free of charge!

Check out my new apron – it has pockets for my wooden spoons and towel

Thank you Foodbuzz for this opportunity and thank you to Alexia for sending me the apron and product coupon. You can download your own $1 coupon at the Alexia site
and check out this all-natural line of frozen veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other items yourself.

From the label: Fun and flavorful. Alexia’s Waffle fries are a delicious interpretation of the European Classic, Pommes Gaufrettes. Lightly seasoned with Sea Salt, Pepper and just the right amount of onion and garlic.

What a treat for the taste buds – the seasoning really added a punch and they were a good accompaniment to our evening meal.

Thank you to Food buzz and the Tastemakers Program for giving me the opportunity to review this Alexia product. You can be sure it won’t the last one I try.


Drick said...

got mine the other day too, now I need to check out their products... you look so cute in the apron with the spoon.... makes me think I will save steps around the kitchen - haven't tried it on yet, ya think I can get a blender in there?

Adelina said...

someone's lucky- ha? love the apron, as a matter of fact I love everything free!

Brenda said...

Lucky you! We're still waiting in Canada for the Tastemakers Program to come to us. We don't have Alexia up here but your waffle fries sure do look yummy anyway! Love the apron too!!!

Rita said...

Love that apron! Tastemakers and Alexia is not in our corner yet.


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