Thursday, February 03, 2011

Climbing my way back

In the words of Elvis.......

"Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising,
higher and higher
it's burning right through to my soul.

Girl, girl, girl Flu, flu, flu
You gonna set me on fire.
My brain is flaming,
I don't know which way to go.............."

Four days can be an eternity when you are this ill. The fever made my lips as peeling paper, thrist is unquenchable and appetite is something we fondly remembered.

Monday morning I wanted to die. No. Really.

We have but 30 something precious days left to see our son before he is shipped off to basic training and he had to stay away from the house, for his own good. This hit us like a brick wall and for Tristan to get flu this close to shipping out, it would cost him the strength he needs for his workouts with his Sgt.

I had no idea how many daytime television commercials focused on medical needs, lawyers wanting you to sue someone because of...well, anything, and insurance for people over 65 that does not require a physical. As we sat, propped on the sofa with out chicken noodle soup and tissues and juice...we watched Bonanza, The Price is Right and the insides of our eyelids.

The dogs thought we had been fired since we never left for work and never played with them. It occured to me to have them kenneled so someone could walk them properly and play with them.

Four days isn't a long time and it's an eternity. Depends on your viewpoint.

I am looking forward to catching up on everything again and eating a solid meal.

Stay healthy folks!!


Rita said...

You certainly got hit with a bad one; this will really drag you down for a while; take the time to regain your energy; one day at a time.
Cute of you to come out with Elvis; he is still my King.
Get well soon!

MM said...

Hope you are on the mend!

Janel said...

Hope you're feeling better today. Sounds like you caught a nasty bug. Get well soon!

Pierce said...

Thanks you all. I still feel foggy and now have seemed to drift away from the pack of bloggers. I open the websites and stare.
Certainly I'll be getting better daily and I APPRECIATE your good thoughts.


Katerina said...

That's why I hate winter. Was it the swank flu? Because here now swank flu is in fashion the last couple of weeks. Stay warm and eat well, you will get through this.

Rhonda said...

Sorry you all are down and out...hopefully your son will gain the strength he needs for basic training. And bless him for enlisting and taking an oath to protect us all. It's men and women like him that keep our nation strong.


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