Black Box Wine

This Black Box wine came to me as a surprise…in more ways than one. First of all, I signed up to sample this wine through a Foodbuzz ad. A bit of time passed and I had actually forgotten that I may be receiving a sample of this wine. We got home from work one afternoon and there was a note from FedEx hanging on our gate.

Husband gets packages quite a bit and he was expecting one that day….so off to FedEx we went so he could claim his package before they closed. On the way out he looked at the suspiciously large and heavy box and then we saw my name. That alone is thrill for me because I never get anything! Nada. Zip. All my family is dead except an older uncle and so….nothing for me anymore ………so this just made my night!!

Once we arrived home and placed the box in the fridge we start planning white wine meals. It’s not too terribly large so it fits well in the fridge without hogging all the room. It’s meant to be 4 bottles of wine but I must admit…we consumed it within three meals. So easy to pour a bit more. That would be one downfall I suppose.

Our sample box was a sauvignon blanc. For me the taste of pear was dominant. It was crisp, light and a real treat for summer meal pairings such as grilled fish, chicken chasseur and linguine with clam sauce.

And, as you can see, I'm posting this photo even though it's a mess, to show how easy it is to get out when you need to secure a half a cup of white wine for cooking purposes. Absolutely perfect if you only need about a half cup of wine.

Since this was such a hit with us I would love to try a shiraz for our lamb meals. As you do not want a red wine to be stone cold in temperature, I would store the box in the fridge and just decant the amount we wanted for the meal.

Black Box Wine - you are a hit in our household!

Interesting note on the box – Do not deliver to an intoxicated person. Hmmmmmmm…. Most likely good advice :-)

Behold husband pouring another glass....... Foodbuzz rocks!


Le laquet said...

Black Box wine - so, if you crash and burn whilst drinking this*, can they diagnose the problem more easily? The shiraz would be good to taste - more of a red girl than white ;o)

* Hey, it's happened once or twice

Pierce said...

LMAO - you are hilarious.....I did crash and burn last evening...but not on this lovely wine. Hectic day.

I would recommend this one was very good. I usually like reds more myself but in the summer heat - a white is just the ticket!

Le laquet said...

Ah everyone needs a chance to crash and burn at the end of a hectic day T. We went to the market this morning and took some lovely photos!

Wandering Coyote said...

Holy crap - they sent you wine? Now I really need to email FB so that I can start getting cool stuff, too!

Pierce said...

WC - I was seriously beside myself when I saw I had a box of wine to sample. It's been great reviewing ti and pairing it with different meals.

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