Garlic & Sapphires and Three Recipes Combined

Brandy....yeah, I'll get to it. It's an intregal part of a roasted chicken recipe.

There are a few things I would change in our kitchen, assuming a remodel was in the cards. I’d ditch the dishwasher and use that space for more (and much needed) cabinet space. I’d add a tall pantry that barely juts out from the wall but provides shelf space for canisters of flours, canned goods, etc. I’d love a gas stove. Oh man, that would be a nice addition for sure.

But we have more pressing projects to focus on and fact is……the appliances and the storage situation are quite sufficient.

Our kitchen as it stands today is, to be sure, the most used, most occupied room in the house.

90% of the time it’s where plans for meals are made, enjoyment of dinners, conversations and hoisting of glasses occur. Wait, I need to adjust that percentage…..because the patio gets more than it’s fair share of dinner/drinking/conversation time since we put that lovely addition in. But I suck at math. So…yeah, no percentages.

Bottom line – the kitchen is fine. I even read in the kitchen, perched on a hard-ass chair at the table while something is baking or roasting. Speaking of reading and books, let me tell you about a roasted chicken meal I saw in Ruth Rechl’s foodie memoir Garlic and Sapphires.

As Ruth states, “Everyone makes a big to-do about roasting a chicken, and as a food professional I know I ought to believe that one way to tell a great cook is by his or her roasted chicken. But you know what? I think that’s all a lot of nonsense. Nothing is easier than roasting a chicken. ………It’s hard to ruin this.”

We love Nigella’s Brandied Bacon chicken. And we also love Jamie Oliver’s Lemony Roasted chicken with the crispy roasted potatoes. Combine those two with Ruth Reichl’s Roast chicken with potatoes, Onions and Garlic from the chapter A Frugal Repast For Betty.

First, get the chicken cleaned out and place it in a roasting pan. Next I fried up several strips of bacon, then placed cooked bacon inside of the chicken. Remove hot skillet with bacon grease off the heat. This is important people! Immediately add ¼ cup of brandy to bacon fat – it will sizzle fiercely. (That was the Nigella part)

Ruth's recipe is similar to Jamie’s as she roasts onions and potatoes with her chicken. What I did differently (from Ruth’s version) was boil the potatoes for 12 minutes, drain them and let them sit and chuff up (as Jamie does, but without the lemon). Add the drained potato chunks as close to the roasting bird as possible. When the bacon juices start a slow ooze from the chicken, they coat the potatoes for a fantastic end result. The outer potato is browned and crisp while the inside is moist.

Would you look at that potato! Trust me, they are so good. You'll eat more than you ought to.

Experimentation with recipes can make for some lovely surprises. Anyone else combine or adapt recipes? Betcha most of us do.

Garlic and Sapphires review is over at Novel Meals.

Cheers, folks!


~~louise~~ said...

Good morning, Tina! It may seem strange to be so excited about Roast Chicken in the morning but indeed I am! The Brandy, of course, is the icing on the bird for me. Oh Yummy! (Great "trick" with the potatoes:)

I'm still finding it difficult to digest the fact that there is no longer a Gourmet Magazine. I will certainly check out that book. I'm a huge fan of Ruth.

I'd be inclined to make some minor tweaks in my kitchen too but alas, I'm planning a water feature in the garden this year and yes, a new patio too! A gas stove would be my first change. I detest cooking with electric!!!

Thanks so much for sharing...

Katerina said...

Although I don't drink, I love using alcohol in my meals. The potatoes indeed look irresistible Tina! I wish i could grab one or two or maybe more!

Rita said...

Great post! That chicken and potatoes look really good first thing in the morning.
I don't read very much anymore, but I know I would enjoy this book. If it's about food well it's right up my alley.
I need a new a stove too, this one works but I have to put a thermometer in teh oven to know the temperature; a real pain when baking bread,

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Love roast chicken - would quite possibly be my choice for my "death row" meal. And yes I combine recipes all the time - some of my favourite dishes are things that I have cobbled together from 3 or 4 different recipes.
Sue xo

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