Friday - pizza night

I have been enjoying some great conversations with my cousin these past few days. Genealogy, traveling, food and drink,'s been fun. I wish we lived closer and could get together for meals and shopping for yarn.

Last night I made Coq au Riesling from Nigella's cookbook. She has some great recipes. It's a lighter version than the one you make with red wine. Tasty bits of bacon, leeks, riesling, bay leaves and cream. And chicken of course. Paired with a baguette and salad it was a good meal. As usual, we didn't eat until 8 and were still sitting at the table by 9:15 p.m.

Tonight is pizza night. The shibas get Kongs which buys me about 20 minutes of eating without harassment. We may watch The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or A Knight's Tale. I finished The Time Traveler's Wife and when it was done, after I'd thought about it, it was sad.
I started the much look forward to sequel to Chocolat titled The Girl with no Shadow by Joann Harris. Since it's a library book and I can't renew it, I may just grab it later because it's more to read than I know I can manage in the next two weeks. Already had it a week and haven't made much progress due to other things occupying my time.

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