Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Blackstone Griddle

 Doug has been wanting this Blackstone griddle for a long time.  During our six weeks of "camping" we decided it would be nice to get it. was so worth it.

The burgers and home fries were excellent.  I can't believe I liked it better than a grilled burger which is how it's usually done.

Breakfast has been amazing. At home when he makes pancakes  he puts some in the oven to keep warm while he cooks the next batch.  With this griddle all of the pancakes are cooked at once and we eat at the same time. 

Is it wrong to eat three pieces of bacon? 

French toast is also cooked at the same time.

Yeah, we had bacon again.  We need to cut back a little on that....maybe once we're home.

Doug spent quite a bit of time seasoning this griddle once it was set up and it hasn't had a sticking issue at all.  I would highly recommend this as a birthday gift if someone in your home likes outdoor cooking.  Looking forward to kebabs and a stir fry soon.

Soon we will set this up at home as the remodel is almost complete.  The trip has been mostly fun but I'm looking forward to cooking at home again. :-)

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Cottage time is over - only nine days until we head home!

Cottage time is over and we are back in the RV.  Actually we like it better in the RV and while the screened porch was nice, we'd rather "tough it out" in limited space.  Loki is less nervous now as he knew the RV as a home base. Sometimes it's hard having a rescue dog who was abused and has low confidence. That being said, he's made enormous improvement with us these past 4 months.

New to us / Doug has a very cool new griddle.  It's a 22 inch Blackstone and runs off propane.  So far we are loving it.  More on that upcoming as we've had some great meals cooked on that bad boy.

Reading / In May I finished five books. One of the fun ones was Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.  I still like his first book The Martian best of his three publications but this one was pretty good.  I can see it  being a movie.
Normal People by Sally Rooney was interesting as well.  Set in Ireland and delves into personal relationships and drama.

So far for June I have only finished News of the World by Paulette Jiles.  I loved it.  Can't wait for the movie.

Watching / Greenland with Gerard Butler (cool disaster film), Pixie with Alec Baldwin (very quirky, setting is Ireland) and Chef with Jon Favreau (a favorite and I always want Cuban cuisine after watching this gem).

Upcoming / We go home in 9 days and I am looking forward to that, unpacking and filling the kitchen with all the pots and pans in boxes.  It will feel like a palace with so much room after living in the confined space for 6 weeks. 

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Wednesday, June 02, 2021

June in South Georgia

 I wanted to start off saying how sad I was to learn of Kim Bultman's death.  She wrote at the blog A Little Lunch and it was always a pleasure to hear from her and visit her blog. Too young to go.  Kim, you will be missed.

Well, it's now June and we have been in our RV since May 10th.  We aren't completely tired of it and have enough room but it lets us know we never want to a full time RV people.  Nope.  I like our house.  Last post I mentioned our awning broke during high winds just as Doug was about to retract it.  Seriously, he said "I think I'll pull the...." that's as far as he got and the awning arm ripped off and flew on top of the RV.

With that kick to the gut Doug thought it would be nice to rent one of the cottages for a few days. 

Here is cottage, it's one of 13 available on the lake.

It's nice to sit on a screened porch and also nice not to hop around to different camp sites when our reservations are up.  

I have a full kitchen in the cottage and I was thrilled to cook using the oven again!  Doug came through and saw me with pots simmering and a dish in the oven and said I looked so happy.

Behold roast chicken with tomatoes and onions, rice and field peas. 

I made use of all of it!  The microwave, oven, stovetop....we brought in our own winegalsses and some utensils as it's not completely kitted out as you'd need. Bliss.

Today is my birthday so I am waiting to open these gifts my friend Mary Margaret sent.  They have been riding around with us until today so...later on I'll have a surprise. One thing I wanted was cheesecake and that is also for later on.  It's been a good day.

Loki guarding my gifts.

In this post The RV "Kitchen" Update I shared some of the meals we made last week.  Ought to have saved that until the In My Kitchen post here.

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

The RV "Kitchen" update

We are still living in the RV and I wanted to share some of meals we have made recently.

This is a big pot of noodles, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic, tomato sauce and cheeses.  I added some oregano and basil too. This made enough for two dinners and a hearty lunch.  Easy to cook on the camp stove but I opted to make this inside the RV on the stovetop.

It's been incredibly hot and when the sun bakes the area where we set up the grill and camp kitchen, I move indoors.

 Grilled chicken with sautéed potatoes and peas 

I ran out of an unoaked Chardonnay I enjoy but the Piggly Wiggly in Donaldsonville Georgia had this Chardonnay -  it's not bad.

Here's a grilled burger with tomato, cheese and onion trimmings for one of our lunches.

It's been fun when we can get a site by the lake but a few things happened which make us realize we could never be full timers and live on the road. First of all we have enough living space for the short trips this was intended for, meaning under a week.  

The moving around isn't too bad and we make a great team packing things up and moving from site to site as we can get reservations. This means we will move after 4 days and go to the dump station (no full sewer hookups) then to another campsite within the same park. 

We enjoy sitting out under the awning and reading, people watching or staring at the lake. Unfortunately our awning is now broken so that avenue of pleasure is over for the duration of the trip. The wind ripped off part of one arm so...alas, when it's full sun dead on, we have to stay indoors. 

We are treating ourselves to  cabin rental this upcoming week so that will be marvelous.  A screened porch will be much appreciated!  More on that later.

I hope everyone has had a good week and are enjoying a safe and fun Memorial Day.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Before & During in the Kitchen

A few people have asked about the "progress" of our kitchen remodel so I will post a few photos.  This is the Before look.  Remember the house is 40 years old and a farmhouse style.

This is our dining table which sits opposite the oven photo above. We are keeping the brick floors but the wood will be painted a color called Fleur de Sel.  That's a silvery white color, hard to describe but it will brighten the place up.

We are keeping the fridge because I like the style and it still works very well.

After the demolition!

Since that photo was taken we'd been home again and they have cut holes in the ceiling for recessed lighting and have moved and added a few electrical outlets.

The sink and dishwasher will change positions.  The dishwasher will move down to the right and the farmhouse sink will be on the other side of it.

We have been living in the RV at Lake Seminole since May 10th, going home on occassion for doctor appointments and shopping.  Tomorrow we will head home and stop by the house to see what progress has been made.

Here is a view of  the campsite looking from the RV. It has a nice pad to set up chairs and the grill, great view of the water.

This was a nice shady spot and we hated to leave it for another site.  It is very hot here with tempertures still dwelling in the 90's or upper 80's by 6 P.M. Ugh. 

Loki enjoyed watching the boat and jet ski activity.

Ok, so he'd look around now and then too.  He's fascinated by the fox squirrels so that always gets his attention.

Tomorrow I will get photos of the two bathrooms which were also demolished. It will be good to be home again when this is finished but I can honestly say, we have been having fun here in Georgia. 

Hope all is well in your world!

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Baked Gnocchi and veggies

I'm reminiscing about this meal when I  still had an oven.  We had it 2 weeks ago but I didn't get chance to post it and share. It's a meal you can put together using pantry items.

Gnocchi is  certainly a great pantry item to have on hand. So many things you can do with it from soup to serving with pasta sauce to baking.  Yes, baking.  I'd never thought to bake it until I read a recipe from Joanne at Eats Well with Others.

If you have a large sheet pan with tall sides this will work a charm.

Joanne didn't add chicken but I did.  Cause I love chicken :-)

Here is the end result with leftovers tossed in a casserole dish with a cover.  Perfect for reheating the next evening, or for lunch.

The verdict on this dish is middle of the road. I think I ought to have baked this longer so the gnocchi would have been crunchier. Also, using whole cherry or grape tomatoes wasn’t great & I need to half them next time. The tomatoes are good roasted but a pain to eat when they are whole.  Otherwise, great meal where you can asparagus or green beans or whatever you fancy.   I would try this again with  alonger cooking time.

This recipe is from Joanne Eats Well With Others  so please click on her link here for original recipe. 

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

In my kitchen for the month of May

What a crazy couple of days we have had moving furniture and boxing household goods. I told our son it was as if we were plunged into a busy, physically active nonstop warehouse job. We ache from carrying things and many many trips up and down the stairs.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post about the stovetop meals and my lost wallet.  Now that we are settled in the RV I will be able to visit and post again.  The kitchen demolition started this morning so I will be glad to see what it looks like later this week when we return to do laundry.

Here's what I brought for the In My Kitchen event at Sherry's Pickings and Weekend Cooking.

From the Indian market in Tallahassee I have these pantry staples.  They were packed for this trip.

Fresh limes, dates and a chocolate treat for afternoon coffee.

Kiwi fruits and fresh green beans - they have the best produce there.  If you are in the Tallahassee area this is a good place to get produce.

The old camp stove was problematic but this new one is great. Here it is set up on the camp kitchen. Big and shiny red. 

Instead of three burners I have two large burners - so much better for those large skillets.

This cookbook has been languishing on a shelf for a while and it now lives in the RV.

Our view at the campsite.  We are at Three Rivers State Park for a few days and then we will find another place to stay.  I'm glad we aren't home to hear all that banging and destruction! This is peaceful.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Stovetop Meals and Grousing

Man, what a week. It's been fun and hectic looking at things for the remodel and I planned to share that but.....all I could think about the last few days was my lost wallet. 

We were walking out of Home Depot, Doug pushing the shopping cart with our fixtures and me following with Loki on his leash. I had placed my wallet in my purse and I evidently did not shove it in deep enough. Unbeknownst me, it fell out.

A mere ten minutes later we arrive at the library and I discover the absence of my wallet. Raced back to H.D. and scour the parking lot, check with customer service and a manager. It is gone. Arggh........ Everything is handled now such as getting a new drivers licence ordered, credit cards canceled, a new insurance card requested, etc.

Today I will just share the week's meals. Any who follow me on Instagram may have already seen these photos I posted yesterday. These are meals we can prepare without the use of an oven.  Lately I have been making a list of skillet/stovetop meals for when we live in the the RV during the demolition. 

This stir fry is different each time we make it.  Sometimes we use different veggies and sometimes we use chicken or tofu.  We know we like it best with the Ramen noodles.

This salad of baby spinach, beefsteak tomatoes, avocado and toasted walnuts was a fabulous accompaniment to the leftover chicken dinner.

Easy to toss together.

Pull the stems off the baby spinach leaves. Chop any type tomatoes you like and slice avocado.  Toast the walnut halves at 350 F for about 10 minutes.  I rubbed a little olive oil on the walnuts.  Toss all ingredients and add favorite dressing.  We used red wine vinegar and olive oil. 

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The Blackstone Griddle

 Doug has been wanting this Blackstone griddle for a long time.  During our six weeks of "camping" we decided it would be nice to ...

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