's Monday

The weekend was excellent. It went by so fast. On Saturday we rode a short distance to an old farmhouse where there was a fund raiser for the county humane society. There were tables with various crafts for sale such as quilts, photography, stained glass, jewelry, homemade baked goods and silent auction items. I bought a ticket for a quilt and put a bid in on a basket of goodies.
I am glad we rode the bike because we would never have met this other couple who were riding a 1985 Harley Davidson and an enduro. They arrived just as we were getting ready to leave. They are our ages and we talked for about an hour. That doesn't sound amazing but we don't socialize much at all and it was really nice to chat with these folks. Maybe we'll get together for a ride one weekend.

Doug took me riding to Bristol on Sunday. Tristan rode along with us too. Bristol is about 45 minutes to our west. Nice day for it and I'm glad I zipped in my rain liner. It was just cool enough. Wish there had been more curves. We planned to eat at place called Doobie Brothers BBQ but they were closed. The Apalachee restaurant was open and had excellent food. All home made and home style cooking. It wasn't expensive either.

Some of my stitches come out tomorrow - I can't wait. The swelling has gone down a bit but the bandage I need to keep on my nose is driving me mad. It's just annoying. Oh, and I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten comments about Doug popping me on the nose. Reminds you of the joke, What do you tell a woman with two blacks eyes? Nothing she hasn't been told twice before. Haha

Tonight I made mustard pork chops with cider and cream. Side of gnocchi and some peas and cheap PBR to wash it down. Kinda like pub grub.

Tristan has his trip to Indiana all arranged now. He'll fly up after his Fall classes end and stay through Christmas. It will be our first Christmas without him and that will be strange.

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