Grilled Tuna Steaks

Before we get to the important parts, like eating and recipes, I was wondering if any of you bloggers out there could help me with a problem I have been experiencing with the comment fields.

I have been able to make comments on all other blogs for well over a year. Never had a problem. Now, suddenly, on two particular blogs I am seeing a drop down menu that is blank. On some other blogs, the drop down menu offers options to make a comment using your Google account, a name or anonymous. But for Donna and Laquet, I get the blank dropdown menu and then, error on page when I click submit.

Does make sense to anyone? If anyone could offer advice I'd appreciate it. I will say Donna and Laquet's comment field format looks different than others. I'm so sad..because I want to comment on their blogs and not send them emails.

Ok, to the important stuff. Look what Doug did! This was from a few nights ago when we gave Nigella the night off. The Spring weather we have been experiencing (even though it is not officially Spring) has just begged for something to be grilled. There is nothing like fine temperatures, a good breeze, alazeas in bloom and the smell of charcoal to put you in the mood for grilling.

Grilled tuna, nearly rare, generously smeared with extra virgin olive oil, salt and peppered. Paired with baked sweet potato which had been dotted with butter and a bit of brown sugar. The orange of the potato with the sprinkle of brown sugar made a nice contrast. Peas for the side. Red wine which did match up well.

Behold the tuna steaks ready to be tossed on the hot grill. I did not get a snap of Doug cooking. (Wait for those photos with his scallop scampi)

Get the Cuban loaf out of the oven and dig in.

So many strawberries left that we made the chopped fruit cups again.

Last night we did cook from Nigella's book - the Rapid Ragu. Oh my. You could hurt yourself eating that and I can't wait to get the photos downloaded. I'll post thyat one tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday night!


Wandering Coyote said...

I have no idea what to say about that commenting issue, though I wonder if it has to do with Blogger's new embedded commenting thing, which I'm not too keen on. I'd email blogger and describe the problem to them and see what they say (it may take a while but usually they do get around to contacting you back).

Le laquet said...

Yum to the tuna BUT I love desserts in drinking glasses ... very French! Lovely :o)

Donna-FFW said...

Grilled tuna sounds so delicious. I can NOT wait for grilling season to arrive here in NJ!! Soon, soon, soon!!

Pierce said...

WC - Thnaks - I will email Blogger and see if they can help me out. Pisses me off.

Laquet - There hasn't been much that I've not enjoyed trying. Summer fruit season is upon us and I want to make a trifle.

Donna - I enjoy your blog and hope to leave some comments soon. How bad is the weather in Jersey?

Le laquet said...

I make black forest trifle - chocolate chip muffin chunks, custard, black cherries cooked off in brandy, whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings. It's very moreish and I have to dide the bowl from Si!!

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