Making the Most of Leftovers!

I made the most of the leftovers on the standing rib roast dinner. Since it's an expensive cut of meat, but we were able to get it on sale at $5.47 a pound, we had two dinners with it. Here we go - leftovers! AND, the yorkies were so damned good that I made another batch.
Brilliant, when I'm trying to lose a few pounds...still........good.

For a veggie side I chopped mushrooms and yellow squash, sauteed in an olive oil creation I had experimented with and it was pretty good.

I like the oil soaked sun dried tomatoes and when I was done with a jar, there was a bit of the oil left. I chopped garlic and added a tablespoon extra virgin olive oil...put it in the fridge. This is what I used to saute the squash and mushrooms.

Finally, the few little yorkies leftover were consumed for breakfast. Strong black coffee, a cold Yorkshire pudding split with marmalade (strawberry jam for Doug) and I was good to go.

In tight economical times you gotta use it all up any way you can.

Just checked dout Van's blog and there is a good post on Bison Stew here. I'm nor sure if we have bison availble in my neck of woods but this recipe sounds great.

This evening I making some bread dough. Then watching a movie and sipping some Harp ale.


Wandering Coyote said...

I really prefer the oil-soaked sundried tomatoes than the ones you have to rehydrate yourself. They just have so much more flavour, are way easier to use, and yes, the leftover oil is useful too.

Van Santos said...

I really like the mushrooms/yellow squash in olive oil idea. I tend to do the squash as either steamed or grilled.

I'm going to give this a try.

A World in a PAN said...

I always recycle leftovers! I do not like to eat the same thing two days in a row, and certainly not to throw away food ... so I have become the master of recycling!
I'm pretty impressed by what you did! Bon appetit!

Le laquet said...

You know just how I feel about leftovers - bring them on! Nigella cooks/serves Yorkshire pudding with double cream and golden syrup ~ yummy! Had Eton Mess this afternoon - need to go and work/walk it off!

Donna-FFW said...

I admire your use of leftovers.. I have to get better at that.. hope you had a happy holiday.

Branch Ocampo said...

This is what I'm talking know dinner to soup or making the most of leftovers or like the other comment - recycling your really should write a book ;)

Pierce said...

WC - I've never rehydrated them..althoigh there is a function for that in my oven. Love the oil soaked tomatoes too.

Van Santos - I've never grilled squash - do you skewer it?

Laura - Thank you! Sometimes we save the leftovers for another day and I'll cook something fresh. Always recyle....always saving.

Jo - Yum yum - Eton Mess. It's been raining here again, alot, so not much walking for us :-(

Donna - Just read your French Onion soup post. Damn! Love it.

Brancho - Thank you. If I ever do, you will have to be my food photographer.

Van said...

When it comes to squash I do it flat, not skewered. If a grill is not an option for me, a quick flame in the broiler is just as good.

Sometimes I'll season w/ black pepper and a tad bit of salt. But that really depends on the mood.

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