Rib Roast - Stage One

Thought I would do a quick Tuesday post. At present we have a standing rib roast in the oven and I am attempting my first ever Yorkshire pudding. Photos later........

I have added to my blogroll the following sites. Some I merely lurk and enjoy what is written; Others I actively participate in and make comments.
Some are just fun so pop in on them if you'd like.

First a food blog I am enjoying and just discovered. Cooking Stuff a combo of good recipes and photos written up in an amusing manner.

Another foodie, Van Santos, has the site Yes, We cook! which is worth surfing in and checking out. Good recipes.

Non food sites I added are:

Post Secret which can be very amusing or quite sad. Fantastic idea.

Dumb-Assery which is a blog about...well, dumbassery. Do you ever read an article or witness something that vomits an incredible lack of common sense where you literally smack your head and say, Did you see/read that?!

So, after the potatoes are mashed, the Yorkshire pudding has baked and the rib roast is carved, I will get more photos.

I hope NCIS is new this evening.


Donna-FFW said...

Looking forward to seeing them!

Le laquet said...

Oh wow! That's going to be good - are you using the beef fat to cook the Yorkies?? I'm dribbling!

Pierce said...

Donna - you'll love what happened to one of the puddings! They wre goooood.

Jo - We did use beef fat and it was one of the most delicious things I have ever had.

Van Santos said...

Thanks for the blogroll add, Tina! I really appreciate it. =)

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