Mothers Day

Today we are riding to St George Island. I hope to take many pictures. I hope I don't burn because it is just too hot to wear an armored jacket.

Happy mother's day mom!

Mom with my brother and sister. This must have taken around 1950.


Wandering Coyote said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Pierce!

Le laquet said...

Mother's Day in the UK was way back in March - it is always the fourth Sunday of Lent. Why it's different?? Who knows? I hope you and your Mum/Mam/Mom* had a great Mothering Sunday!

* Even what we call Mothers is different!!

Pierce said...

Thanks WC. It was great.

Jo - Your tradition of Mothering Sunday goes back to the 16th century. The USA had it created in the 1940's but it was meant to be for good things. Sadly it's gotten way too commercialized.

Glad to see you posted some photos!

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