Picadilla....A Hearty Cuban Meal

This is a recipe my SIL Barbara shared with me many years ago. It’s a family favorite and easy to make. It plates up quite attractively, makes a great dinner and we usually have enough leftover for a good lunch too!

Here are some of the ingredients you'll need.......

¼ cup olive oil

1 large clove garlic

1 onion, chopped fine

1 green pepper, chopped fine

1 ½ pounds of ground beef and ground pork mixture

Salt and pepper to taste

A large can tomato sauce (about 15 oz. can)

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon basil AND oregano

Roughly a ½ cup white wine

Sliced olives (I use a healing half cup)

Heat oil in pan and saute garlic, green pepper and onion. When they are softened add the meat and cook until browned.

I use a spatula to chop the meat up into a fine consistency as it cooks. Be sure to drain the fat out of the pan after the meat is browned. I hold my sauce pan lid tightly over the pan and drain the fat off into a coffee can or any grease catcher you might use.

Slice the olives and add as many as you like, per your taste.....

Mix in the tomato sauce and all other ingredients........simmer a half hour on low to medium heat. Stir occasionally.

We usually serve it over yellow rice but used white rice this last time as I wanted to get the rice cooker out. Let it do the work and have fewer pans to clean later.

When Barb gave me this recipe she suggested variations such as adding potatoes and/or raisins. She adds chopped jalapenos and sliced olives. The heartburn we’d suffer with too many jalapenos would be incredible so we don’t generally add those.

Serve with maduras (fried plantains)

And a side dish of Spanish olives.......

Red Stripe beer is a good match with this dish.


Part Two - Using the leftovers.........

Take a package of refrigerated crescents rolls (or make your own dough) and roll out into rectangles. Spoon a good helping of the leftover picadilla onto the dough and make a packet.

Bake for 14 minutes at 375 degrees. You have a good hot lunch with minimal fuss.

Paired with a cold glass of iced tea mixed with lemonade.

Thanks Barb!!


Donna-FFW said...

I have never made this dish. It looks absolutely wonderful, and your explanation and details are perfect.

Pierce said...

Thanks Mrs Firefighter! I love all the details you share as well :-)

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