Anniversary Dinner, Vacation and of course....Food!

At the start of vacation a packed fridge is important. I made a huge vat of iced tea and we stocked up on essentials.

Friday afternoon at the stroke of 4:30 we left work for vacation time! Yea!!
The plan had been to enjoy a bit of time away from work, but we also planned the time off for the week of our anniversary.

The first plan (from years ago) was to celebrate the big 25 by going to Mackinac Island in Michigan. This a place where time stood still - no motorized vehicles are on this island and you can get around on foot, by bicycle, horseback or horse drawn carriages. Population is only 523 - really!

Over the years we came up with many other ideas, mostly trips away from home, but ultimately decided to make no plan ..... except for a grand dinner. We opted for taking motorcycle trips, eating out, preparing a dynamite dinner in for the big day. Having fun without any itinerary. Just spending time together relaxing.

Ok, let's talk food......... Last night's dinner was wonderful.

Appetizer of crab cakes with romoulade sauce (which I've made before and recipe is here). The champagne was a tiny bottle of Piper Heidsieck brut, just enough for two glasses each and wonderful accompaniment to the crab.

Doug went all out and got us a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This is from the Rhone Valley and one of our favorite splurge wines. I can not do it justice with a was a natural pairing with our meal although I am definately not used to this much alcohol.

Perfect combo of fine wine, aged filet and baked sweet potato.

We like our steaks very rare...a bit of blood oozing... so the texture of being almost melt-in-your-mouth tender and the taste just didn't compute with the lack of redness we usually see. That is because it was dry aged Angus beef.

If you have a chance to try aged beef I recommend it. Very different taste, a bit more expensive, most definately a treat and worth it for a special dinner.

Pouting because he received only one very small strip of steak.

Dessert menu

Chocolate cheesecake, pretty...

Side view shows you just how chocolaty it is....mmmmmmm

I had a rich cannoli and it was very good, but I wish I had gotten the smaller one. So rich.

A special dinner which we enjoyed for 2 hours....lingering over wine, desserts and good conversation.

I've paid for it today with morning cotton mouth, a thick head and I am certain a weight gain. But it was so much fun. :-)


Wandering Coyote said...

It sounds so perfect, Pierce! Again, congratulations to the both of you, and here's to 25 more!

Le laquet said...

Your meal sounds and looks great ... I love Chateauneuf-du-Papes but it is a big old bugger of a wine that needs something to stand up to it - like hung/aged lightly cooked beef - can you tell I like very rare beef too? Enjoy the rest of your vacation time, or are you done now? I'd love to see the manatee pictures!

Pierce said...

You can't beat a good Chateaneuf, especially with the correct food selection, but we don't have it all that often.

Jo, we'd have some grilled meal together as we all like it rare! How about Simon? Rare for him too?

WC - Glad to hear Juno is getting better and wish I had read aboiut it sooner. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary! Your dinner looks delicious and I love that Chateauneuf-du-Pape, our favorite as well!

Pierce said...

Thank you 5 Star Foodie! We used to find a deal on Chateauneufs at a local wine shop but Doug splurged on this one.

We still want to get up to the just wasn't a happening thing this year.

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