Fanning Springs Florida

Continuing with my backward posting....this is a trip we made earlier in the week. Finally downloaded the photos.

Fanning Springs

If you click on the images they will be larger and you can read the sign below. Amazing info about the manatee. I had no idea they were 40 pounds at birth, or that they had an adult weight of 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. Gentle giants.

See the brownish shapes in the water? They are manatees. How cool is that - they swim right up to you. 1,500 pounds of sea cow wanting to be friendly. There were three of them that floated into the spring and circled around the children before paddling off. Click on photo so you can see how close they get. I've heard they will nuzzle you but that has never happened to me.

Here I am, looking like I'm in a crabby mood but I'm not, hot and unable to go in the spring because we didn't bring our swimwear. Instead we look like total dorks walking around the spring in jeans and riding boots. Next time we go we'll remember the swimming gear!

By the way, I have new sunglasses which work very well. My transition glasses didn't change over to sunglasses when inside the helmet. That made it so bright and hard on the eyes.

This sign is enough to keep me from wading into the water right here. Don't mess with alligators!

Ferns growing up on the trees...pretty.

This was our last long ride this week as the temperatures are getting too wicked. The interstate is hotter because of all the cars and asphalt and the heat index is supposed to be 109 degrees ( 43 C ) and that is deadly hot.

Riding home from Fanning Springs, about a 2 hour ride one way, we had to stop twice and soak our shirts in cold water before putting the armor on again. As much as I hate wearing the jacket when it's this hot, the thought of falling or losing skin because of an accident makes it worth it.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the restaurant at Fanning Springs. It's located directly across from the state park and called The Lighthouse. Nice local place with photos of local wildlife adorning the walls. And, near our booth, photos of a huge steer mounted on a wooden plaque, depicting the giant animal with awards and blue ribbons. Then a "thank you" to the restaurant for buying "Blackie"....which means he's the special of the week I suppose.

Well, as Jamie Oliver states, know where your meat comes from! We did not go for the advertised special of beef tips, field peas and salad. Grilled grouper sandwiches are our current addiction.

Grilled just the correct amount of time to have a crust but still moist inside, served on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato. Sides of fries were about all that were available unless you wanted a trip to the salad bar. I like to see what is on the salad bar first before committing so my laziness won out and I declined. Too tired to get up and look. some of the smaller towns you get stared out if you have visible tattoos, which normally I really just don't care. But some days, I just want to blend and am not in the mood for it. So a traipse across the dining hall wasn't appealing.
You know. I am extremely outwardly friendly with anyone who will talk to me but...just not that day. Just bring on the chow and iced tea and leave me in peace!

No photos of the food and I should have taken one of the outside of the restaurant but alas....eager to get across the street to the spring by the time we left.

This has been a fabulous vacation and we are enjoying our trips day by set plans. I couldn't have better company. :-)


Wandering Coyote said...

Now I so want to swim with manatees! That looks like such an amazing experience! The pictures are great - the lushness of the trees & vegetation is really beautiful.

A World in a PAN said...

I'm hot! Just looking at the pictures and reading yur post which translates the ambiance of the place .. oh, Florida is too hot.

Pierce said...

WC - it's beautiful scenery and totally captures Florida...but it IS too hot. If you can spend time in the cool spring it's amazing though.

WIAP - I wonder if Provence is this hot? Better food to make up for the heat, I'm sure!

Lord of Squirrel Head Manor said...


We prefer to call the summers here "sultry". ;-)

WC, this part of Florida is about as close as you can get to the "old Florida". Once you get away from the towns, there are a lot of areas with cool springs, palm hammocks, etc. It is, however, much nicer to visit in the early spring or late fall!

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