Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday laugh

I am still roaming out to the library, McDonalds, any place that offers free wi fi so I can post. I promise I have several food posts ready but for is some shiba inu humor.

I saw the following somewhere on the Internet while surfing and true!

I'd credit the author but I can not find the link again. Glad I copied it.....

Shiba on the bed
When my boyfriend and I go to bed, the general outline looks like this:

The bed is a double and has ample room for both of us. Generally, when we fall asleep, it’s quite comfortably and with plenty of room to stretch out.

However, come the morning, the outline looks more like this:

Somehow, during the night, a 23 pound dog manages to move 350 pounds of human onto half the space it started in. Does anyone else have this issue with their Shiba(s)? If we got another Shiba, would we be evicted from the bed altogether?

This one is ours.....taking up quite a bit of a queen sized bed. We have another, a gorgeous red shiba...but he's not as forward, unless there is a thunderstorm.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, that is so true with cats, too! I have a double all to myself and sometimes Juno manages to relegate me to a small edge so I'm nearly falling off! At least it's a futon and there isn't far to fall!

Donna-FFW said...

Too funny. My puppy, I am so mean, is not allowed on the beds. He likes to sleep under my childrens bed, somehow he ends up on their bed by am.

Pierce said...

Give em an imnch and they will surely take a yard...or the bed. We actually gave up with this white dog. We even kenneled her at night when we first got her but...she is sooo persistant.

jenna said...

That came from The Misanthropic Shiba. (I recognized it as soon as I saw it.)

Pierce said...

Jenna, Thanks for the link! I was going mad trying to remember where I'd seen it...had it saved because it's so cute.