Just an update and a cool new car!

It's been a fast paced few days and I haven't been online to see what is going on with Nigella's theme on the cooking club, haven't updated my blog or visited others too much, haven't played Guild Wars....

The Cliff's Notes version is:

I couldn't get rid of the neck pain and went back to the doctor who pronounced that my problem was stress. My shoulder and neck were tight as a drum. So, I took 4 Advils three times a day and 1 muscle relaxant 3 times a day. Now I am fine. Oh yes....it's like the first day after having a really nasty cold when you can breathe again. That's when you really appreciate it....the breathing freely I mean. Now, no neck pain. And that's wonderful.

Doug went out of town on business and that means I have to walk the devil dogs alone.

They don't like to walk at the same pace or direction so...it's a challenge to put it mildly. Aja actually shook the collar and leash off and I thought I'd never get her back. Another evening Kobe was rushed by a strange LARGE dog late in the evening. I didn't know if he'd attack or what. Scary. Fortunately Tristan was with me and he ran the dog off.

The really cool thing that we did this weekend was buy a car!

Why does it take three hours to buy a car? I have no idea but this is a beauty and it's a nicer ride than the truck. Since we sold the camper we really didn't need the gas guzzling Ram.

It's a comfy Toyota Camry with some cool features.

It has a nice looking grill and I am loving the sunroof.

Doesn't he look happy?

I am very happy he's home and we have a new ride. Happy the health issues are gone and I have actually cooked and took photos...just haven't downloaded but I have one post almost ready for tomorrow.


Cathy said...

Congrats on the new car!! Isn't it fun? Glad you are feeling better - I know when I am stressed everything from the neck down tenses up (hence monthly massages). I'm going back to work tomorrow...finally.

Kim said...

Congrats on the new car! It really looks sharp and the sunroof will really come in handy. My husband always travels so I can understand how you feel being w/out yours. I'm glad you are feeling better and back in the kitchen!! I hope you enjoy your new car :D

girlichef said...

Oh, pretty car! Life gets busy sometimes...those days just keep passing, ya know. I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better...muscle relaxers are wonderful things :D

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Yay for the new car!
No fun to be in pain, I hope you are feeling better..or have some good meds!
Don't worry about being busy, we strive to be the laid-back sort of cooking club. Always there when you have time for us. :)

Janel said...

Yeah on the new car! I miss having a sunroof.

Glad to hear the hubby is home to help with the doggies. I can't imagine trying to walk two of them!

Pierce said...

Cathy - I am so happy you are on the mend. Thanks for the good wishes :-)

Kim - Thanks, I have a Toyota Scion, an older model, the little boxy thing and love it. But my man's new car really rocks.

Girlichef - It does get busy, I admire how much you post and how organized you are. It does feel good to get back in the kitchen I'll tell you.

Natashya - thank you, I really enjoy the IHCC. Just got a potato ricer and will use it for this coming week's theme.

Janel - If I had two the size of your dog, no way! We had larger dogs before and they could pull me down.

Le laquet said...

"I had to work the devil dogs alone!" LMAO!!! Bless - glad he's home, NICE car :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the new car Tina...! Congrats ! : )

Pierce said...

Jo - thank you, we are enjoying the smooth ride of a car after that big ole truck. And yes, they are devil dogs!

Nat - thank you, it's been fun.

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