Friday, January 08, 2010

Jamie's Chicken Leftovers - Part Two

My first recipe from Jamie's book was the Roasted Chicken with lemon and rosemary potatoes which I posted on Wednesday. With the leftover meat we made a chicken pie and soup.

Combining chunks of the garlicy chicken with mushrooms, marsala, more garlic, flour and broth..........

For north Florida it is awfully cold......we are seeing lows of 15 (minus 9 C) so this sort of chow is very comforting. A hot meal on a cold night.

Served up with a Pinot Noir

Also from Jamie's book: Take fresh corn and shave from the cob; plop it in a pan with a large knob of butter, salt and pepper. Very simple.

I am looking forward to trying many more recipes from this book. If you are a Jamie fan, do you have a favorite recipe? Please send me the link :-)



Kim said...

I can't believe it's 15 in Florida!! Yikes! The pot pie sounds so excellent and I love fried corn. Thanks so much for asking me about my power cord. You are so sweet and thoughtful! We bought one online and it is suppose to arrive shortly. In the meantime my husband hooked up an older computer for me. You are so sweet!!

Wandering Coyote said...

OK, now I believe you when you say it's "cold"! I actually saw on the news up here yesterday that oranges and other citrus fruits were freezing on the trees and they are very worried about the citrus harvest in FL. That's not good. I really enjoy grapefruit!

A Year on the Grill said...

I'll agree with coyote about the crop, but not much else sympathy from Kansas... knee deep in snow and the high today os zero

Pierce said...

Oh it sucks...we figured with the high tomorrow being maybe 40 F and the wind chill would be 20 degrees riding at 60 miles per hour - so, no motorcycle rides. Too cold.

KIm, glad you have a cord on the way. It's tough being offline.

WC - I enjoyed those photos you posted about the bus getting stuck. You know what I mean, I'm sorry you were jammed up but those photos were cool.

Dave - I'm sorry to hear it man....I just couldn't abide that snow anymore!

Janel said...

Chicken pot pie is one of my favorites and this version with the Marsala sounds fabulous.

Pierce said...

Janel, the marsala really does add a distinct flavor. And the aroma of it coming up off that hot pan...makes your tummy growl.