Bourbon Ribs and Spoon Bread - Nigella Style

Valentine’s Day is the theme over at IHCC so I choose to submit Nigella’s Bourbon ribs and spoon bread.

Sticky, tasty baby backs......

I will have to disagree with sentiment on the Hallmark-holiday comment though. :-) It can be lots of pressure, and lots of tears, with the commercialized expectations of February 14th becoming another mini-Christmas. So, show your love, appreciation and commitment year round and forget saving it for one solitary cold day in February!

Onward to a kick-ass recipe that you will be sure to enjoy…. if you are fan of baby back ribs.

Presenting...Bourbon Glazed Ribs

I modified the recipe a bit as it called for 24 St Louis style pork ribs and there are only three of us. Also Tristan isn’t home all the time for dinner so I thought…let me make a half order. Then I see Fresh Market has baby back ribs on sale so I used those.

Let me say – ohmygod…I can’t wait to make these again. They were a tremendous hit!

My half recipe went as follows:

One rack of baby back ribs weighing in at about 3 pounds

¼ cup brown sugar

¾ cup bourbon (Doug said I couldn’t use the Maker’s Mark so I bought a small bottle of Jack Daniels)

1 TB soy sauce

1 TB yellow mustard

1 TB ketchup

Put ribs in resealable freezer bag and add all ingredients for marinade. Place in the fridge overnight. I left them in marinating two nights.

When you are ready to cook the ribs, remove them from the marinade and preheat oven to 425 F. SAVE the marinade and place in a saucepan; set aside.

Place the ribs in a shallow roasting pan and line with foil for an easier cleanup.

Cook ribs for one hour, turning over halfway through. When they are cooked, bring marinade to a boil and let it cook for 5 to 7 minutes. This makes GREAT dipping sauce!

Doug and Tristan said it tasted like it had been grilled, had a rich taste to it. Next time I am making the full order.

And what went quite well with these ribs?

Spoon Bread

Preheat oven to 425 F. Grease a casserole or oven-safe skillet with ¾ stick of butter and place in the oven to melt down. Set aside.

Place 3 cups drained can corn, 4 scallions and 1 ¼ cups shredded cheddar cheese in a food processor with 4 eggs.

Process to chop vegetables and cheese, then add 2 cups yellow cornmeal and 2 teaspoons baking powder.

Process again until mixture becomes paste-like. With motor running add about 4 cups of whole milk.

Pour this mixture into the buttery greased pan and bake for 1 hours or until set. Let it stand 10 minutes before serving.

Both the ribs and the spoon bread cook for the same time and at the same temperature so that is quite convenient. It went well together and the bread sopped up some of the juices.

THIS meal ranks as one of favorite meals along with the creamy seafood sauce and pastas we had at the end of January. If you missed that, click HERE for the recipe.

Head over to I Heart Cooking Club and see what romantic dishes have been posted.


loneilteaches said...

It looks great! All and all - Jack is better than Makers Mark so you ended up with the better deal. :-)
(but I also have a taste for brass monkey)

Kim said...

Ribs are definitely a sexy food great for serving any time you want a romantic meal. I'd love some right now! Sounds like one awesome meal.

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

I love ur choice of ribs....and its how we feel...if we feel romantic ,the meal does too and u have done and plated it with so muc love u have everything right about a perfect romantic meal here...cheers Pierce...


Debinhawaii said...

So glad you enjoyed the meal--both the ribs and the spoon bread look delicious--great picks!

Pierce said...

loneilteaches - thank you for the nice comments and thanks for visiting! I've never heard of brass to google it :-)

Kim - It was good and it was sticky food. This one is easy too.

VanillaStrawberry - I agree with you...romance 365!

Deb - We can't wait to do the ribs again but the spoon bread lasted longer...I'll make even less of it next time.

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Oh my, this totally says love to me! Plus, you get the last of the Jack to sip after the meal.. :)

Cathy said...

Nothing says love like meat on the bone (hee hee). Beautiful looking meal!

janie said...

Great photos-I don't have the patience to take that many when I'm cooking!

Pierce said...

Natashya - you are hilarious...that is exactly what happened :-)

Cathy - Absolutely my sentiment.

Janie - Thank you for visiting! Yea...sometimes I forget top snap photos and there are just so many recipes tat don't get posted for that reason.

Anonymous said...

We tried the ribs the other night, and they turned out great! Thanks for the suggestion.

Pierce said...

Chris - Thank you, I am looking forward to having them again!

Anonymous said...

Looks great except Jack is a Tenn. American Whiskey not considered a bourbon by some. Most bourbon is made in Kentucky. Named after Bourbon County Kentucky. Like Jim Beam or Makers Mark, etc. I would just swap out Whiskey. Also try a blind fold taste test & I bet you get rid of that Jack. Hey if you still like the Jack (doubtful)at least you had fun trying, heeheehee! :)

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