Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Heart Cooking Club is featuring the recipes of Mark Bittman...lets go have a look!

When Girlichef invited me to I Heart Cooking Club many months ago, I was delighted to find they were working on Nigella recipes. I am still slowly laboring through the Nigella Express book and this fit right in with my plans.

Six months flew by.....and since they swap out chefs every six months, Nigella was retired and the new chef of choice at IHCC is Mark Bittman.

I just bought these........

Kim at Stirring the Pot got me interested in Tyler Florence. As for Mark Bittman...well, I'll say up front that I voted for Jamie Oliver. But Bittman won. So I checked him out and lo and behold, I am very interested in preparing some of his recipes. Love his Minimalist column. So there you have it.

My first two recipes from Bittman's book are crab stuffed mushrooms and a simple side of roasted asparagus with toasted breadcrumbs and Fontina cheese melted over the top.

A sliver of butter
in the bottom of the mushroom cap, stuff with crab meat, Fontina and sprinkle some breadcrumbs. Now another sliver of butter pressed into the crumbs. Bake it at 400 F for about 15 minutes.

Simple stuff this.... place asparagus on a baking sheet and roast for 10 minutes. Then cover with Panko bread crumbs and slices of Fontina cheese. Back into the oven for a few minutes.

Doug grilled a fat rib eye steak and the sides were mashed potatoes and this tender asparagus....

Simple food to place on small plates..........

Surf on over to IHCC and see what other Bittman dishes people prepared. Join in and post your Bittman recipe too. See ya there!


  1. Two favorites for most everyone, asparagus and stuffed mushrooms. I had tried a crab stuffed mushroom recipe once and threw it out (they were terrible),need to try this one instead.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Tina! You're so sweet. I hope you like Stirring the Pot. I'll send you an email on facebook and tell which ones were my favorites.
    I love that you chose two different recipes for Bittman. They both look great. I'd love to try asparagus with the fontina and breadcrumbs!

  3. I've just dribbled into the keyboard :o(

  4. Wow, both these look amazing. I am so stoked that it's asparagus season!

  5. Both the mushrooms and asparagus look terrific. Great picks for your first Bittman recipes. I love his cookbooks and recipes and think you'll enjoy cooking along with him. ;-)

  6. Carla and Michael - Next time I am mixing the crab with cream cheese, make it super creamy. It was good and please let me know if you try it!

    Kim - I'm glad you like the choices on the small plate theme. had me intrigued on the Tyler recipes. Every one you post looks great.

    Vindon/Jo - I KNEW it!!! I'll get you a napkin :-)

    WC - Asparagus is one of our favs. Love it roasted. Maybe you can grow some in your new garden plot!

    Thanks Deb. Did you vote for Bittman? I am glad I went ahead and got one of his cookbooks...I am really enjoying browsing through it.

  7. WC - I Know! You better get started!
    (just kidding)...but you do have that garden plot :-)

  8. I have a Mark Bittman cookbook and I don't think I have hardly used it....Perhaps, I should revisit his cookbook that I own :-)

  9. What great choices - it is autumn here in New Zealand now, so no asparagus (my most favourite vegetable) - I will have to wait several months to try that one, but mushrooms are abundant right now and the combination of mushroom and crab is wonderful - I look forward to giving that ago.

  10. Velva - With all the wonderful meals you prepare, you ought to participate in the I Heart Cooking Club. Bittman is the's fun!

    Couscous - Oh wow, well you will have yummy asparagus when we can't in the northern hemisphere. I look forward to seeing your recipes. Thanks for the nice comment!

  11. I love the Minimalist also! I read it religiously. You picked some great bites!


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