Porcine Destiny....the Noble Pig is so Flavorful

When I heard the chosen theme at I Heart Cooking Club was bacon, I was so happy. Just the day before, my local market had center cut bacon on sale and I bought a large package.

This one is easy…but most of Bittman’s recipes are, which makes them a winner for anyone with limited kitchen time.

Fry 6 ounces of bacon, remove to cool. In the same pan pour a bit of olive oil, add minced garlic and onion.

Stir it fast so it doesn’t burn……….now tip in black beans, about a teaspoon of red pepper or chili powder, then add ¾ cup of dark beer. I chose to use Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale which has a good full body. Great taste…..even without bacon.

Let this simmer, stirring occasionally, until the liquid reduces. Now just before you serve this dish chop up that bacon and toss half into the black bean mixture. Turn it through using a large spoon so the bacon is mixed in…top with the remaining bacon.

This went well over rice. I don’t think I’ll use as much red pepper next time…owee…heartburn.

Bacon and beer are natural combos ( not just in my humble opinion ) and there is a festival to celebrate such a pairing. Really. Check out Boston Bacon and Beer Festival and you’ll see 300 tickets to this events were claimed in 2 minutes. Now that is a serious love of bacon and beer.

As for this recipe, the beer made a bold statement mixed up with black beans and garlic………..makes your mouth water. Hurts your heart, but pleases the taste buds.

How To Cook Everything, page 420

Surf over to IHCC and see what everyone else has prepared with bacon…mmmmmmmmmm,,,BAY-con.


Lexi @ Pink and Orange Coffee said...

I smell BACON! Add beer and you have my type of meal! And festival!

girlichef said...

BAAAAAACON! This sounds awesome...and so does that beer, YUM! And holy cow...that's quick (ticket sales), but how could ya blame 'em? LOL! Great choice...definitely one I'd want to try =)

Drick said...

oh yeah, bacon is my weakness... now if you say too much heat mixed with the beans then it must have been pretty hot....

Carla and Michael said...

I was certainly surprised by this one. I make black ceans and black bean soup all the time. I've never seen them made with beer. I too will cut back on the red pepper (since I am a mild heat lover) when I try this.

Anonymous said...

Baaaaaaaaccccccconnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Just give me bacon with anything :o) I don't use black beans v often - just not an ingredient that's v popular here ... must buy me some and give them a go!
Mrs L

Pierce said...

Hi Lexi - You expressed my sentiments exactly!

Girlichef - You'll love it!!

Drick - Doug would love them mixed with greens! I never had the taste for greens, but I'm not a southern gal :-)

Carla and Michael - Then you are like me in regard to the heat. I like a little, and next time I'd cut back on the pepper.

Mrs. L - black beans are quite popular here and make a great side, flowing over rice.

Debinhawaii said...

Mmm...a perfect pick--I love black beans and rice and with bacon just makes it all the better. (Love the name of the beer too!) ;-)

Kim said...

Hooray Tina!! I have been wanting to try this recipe for a LONG time! Not only does it sound promising, it looks promising! Great idea to serve it over the rice.

Sorry to hear about the heartburn.

Velva said...

Tina, that looks really good. I would love it hot and spicy, washed down with a cold beer too, I know the extra spice makes the heart hurt but, the rice will provide the comfort to my heart.

Mary said...

This certainly sounds delicious. I've found that using pepper flakes rather than ground pepper can help alleviate heart burn. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Pierce said...

Thanks Deb! I like this beer and wow, good pairing with the beans.

Kim - Let me know if you try it. By the way, loved your photos on FB

Velva - I used to like foods spicier...hm...maybe it's age !!

Mary - Thanks for the tip on pepper flakes. I dodn't know that, good info.

Fresh Local and Best said...

I've never thought to combine bacon and beer, mostly because I think of bacon as a breakfast item and beer as an afterwork treat. This looks great!

Pierce said...

Fresh Local and Best - Thanks for coming by :-) I am with you, I never thought about combing the two until I read the recipe.

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