Linguine and Clams.........a Perfect Marriage

Lazio.....I'm flipping through a book, gazing at images of the Italian region, I would just love to visit there. The scenery, history, cuisine. Big Sigh.
Now that I have my Williams-Sonoma book back from the library, I am all geared up to prepare recipes from a few other counties. And Lazio is the star today.

OK, who likes clams? And Linguine? All of us here at Squirrel Head Manor are bivalve kinda people. You name it- oysters, clams, mussels or scallops - we are on board!

Just grab these simple ingredients and cook with me...........

2 dozen clams
½ cup white wine (I used more)
Sprinkle of red pepper
4 fat garlic cloves, finely chopped
½ cup or so of olive oil
Juice from 1 fresh lemon.
Fresh parsley
Linguine – buy it fresh or make it if you are that talented. Panini Girl makes her own – see HERE and HERE

Another simple meal…simple yet classic.

Tip the white wine in a large pot and add clams. As the wine heats up the clams should start to open. Remove any clams that open so they won’t overcook as the slow ones take their time simmering open. Discard any clam that does not open.

When the clams are all done and sitting in their own bowl, awaiting their date with hot fresh linguine, pour the leftover clam/wine juice through a coffee strainer. Set your clam juice aside.

NOTE: Make sure you put your coffee filter over a small strainer or you'll spill clam juice as you try and juggle the filter, the hot skillet of clam juice and your (guaranteed) burning hand. (Yes, I received the Corky Award for this maneuver)

Meanwhile, get that stock pot of water on the boil for your linguine.

In a frying pan, pour in about a ½ cup of olive oil. Once heated a bit place the chopped garlic into the pan. Once the garlic is slightly soft but not over browned, sprinkle a small amount of red pepper and lemon juice. Now add some of that clam juice. Remove from heat and place drained linguine into this mixture. Toss it around, get the pasta juicy, flavored with garlic and olive oil and clam juice.

Place in a serving bowl and add clams and parsley.

Damn good meal.

Lazio is the geographical divide between Italy 's north and south.

When I look at a map of this part of Italy I am struck by the wonderfully strategic position it occupies. Rome is there…I mean, ROME ! The eternal city, the city where it’s said you could spend a lifetime and not see all it has to offer.. Of interest to me is Tivoli where the Emperor Hadrian lived…his villa Adriana being built around 125. Imagine, the year 125…..that blows my mind that something like this, Hardian’s villa, stands today.

One day, maybe I will be posting on a culinary vacation as Doug and I eat our way through Europe. One can dream.

Ciao for now!

Submitting this to Presto Pasta Nights (thank you Ruth for being such a gracious hostess!)


Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

I've never heard of Lazio. It sounds like a gorgeous place. I'd love to visit Italy, if only for the food.
I agree, linguini and clams--the perfect marriage. =)

girlichef said...

Italy and clam linguine...two things that make me all starry-eyed and dreamy-feeling. LOVE IT! This sounds seriously delish, Tina =)

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh do I love thee?

Unfortunately, we only have canned ones in these parts... :(

Joanne said...

Back in the day, I used to know all the Italian regions but now...I can't seem to remember hearing about Lazio! Well, if they make linguine with clams then it must be a good place. These look delicious!

Brenda said...

Tina, I'm gobsmacked at something still standing from the year 125 (!!!!!!) too!! It's almost impossible to wrap your mind around it, isn't it, lol! I just love all that history and I also love food from different countries and regions. My husband would adore this dish. Years ago (we're talking 26 years ago) we were in Italy and ate this very dish. Well, a similar one anyway. Great recipe, looks delicious!

Kim said...

I'm with you about being in awe of Italy and how old some of those structures are. It puts new meaning behind the word "awesome". I really do hope to see it one day!

This sounds like a wonderful meal Tina. I'm loving your culinary trip around Italy.

Pierce said...

Hi Ree - I am glad you agree. Not everone is a clam lover. Can't understand that but still.......

Girichef - It was. Totally. Clams are not too expensive this time of year so I should make it again!

WC - Canned only. That is so unfair :-(

Joanne - We should host a blogging convention fresh clams! Now how can we get that paid for or sponsored? Hhmmmm....

Brenda - Are you planning a return trip? I would love to go one we can do is travle through the cookbooks!

Kim - Thank you :-) It would be a dream vacation...especially food wise.

Martha (MM) said...

Seriously delicious! I made pasta with clam sauce this week but it was a quickie meal using canned clams and boring photos - no post this time.

Happy birthday to Doug by the way! Have a great weekend :-)

Joie de vivre said...

Hadrian's palace is as amazing as it seems. I love arm chair traveling with food too. I was able to spend a month in Rome during college, I've always wanted to go back. You are right. I think one COULD spend a lifetime there and not see everything. I love love love clams too!

Katerina said...

That is my father's favorite dish. Whenever visits Italy he orders that all the time. At home my mother makes it for him. I agree with you perfect marriage.

Velva said...

Ahhh, a perfect dish for the heat of the summer in a place Lazio in Italy. It sounds divine.

Drick said...

this is just a great and simple preparation for clams, probably the best too as the flavors are just a perfect companion to the clams...

Pierce said...

Martha - Thanks, he read the comment and appreciated all the good wishes he received. I admit I don't photograph all the meals either...canned clams work too but yeah, if you can get fresh, all the better.

Joie - A month? Wow, that would be so great. I know you have many wonderful memories. Thanks for visiting!

Katerina- Thank you :-) Such an easy meal too.

Velva - Since we are still having summer temps I may as well cooking summer dishes, right? :-)

Drick - I knew you'd like the seafood. Still waiting to try that seafood artichoke dish you's on my list!

janie said...

I love pasta with clams and yet I've never made it! Now I will give it a go-thanks for the post and the links!

Rita said...

I have never hadm linguini and clams; sound wonderful. I have to admit, I've never seen fresh clams in their shell around here; now i will make a point of searching them out. I know we would love this recipe.

Anonymous said...

Clams - love clams, with or without pasta. In June in Spain dad and I fought over garlic-y tellines ... yum!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

I haven't made clams at home before - your pasta looks so inviting. As does Italy.. ☺

Pierce said...

Janie - I love your site and it's given me Italain fever :-)

Rita - Please do let me know if you like them. It's nice to watch them steaming open...especially in wine!

Madame L - I knew you'd love clams and I am jealous you had some in Spain.

Natashya - Wouldn't it be grand to have a blogger festival there. We could all indulge!

Ruth Daniels said...

Now that I'm finished drooling over my keyboard and licking the screen... thanks for sharing such a great dish with Presto Pasta Nights.

Pierce said...

Thank you Ruth!

Claudia said...

Those clams look so sweet and happy on their bed of beautifully flavored linguine.

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