The Worm's Way to Growing Tomatoes

First off, thank you to Kelly of Eat Yourself Skinny for becoming a follower of my blog!

This patio has changed our lives. We have eaten every single meal outside since it was put in. We’ve watched television only three times since April 15th. Right, because I had to see House and we watched two Netflicks movies: Surrogates and Everybody’s Fine.

We spend so much time sitting outside now. Can't wait for the roof to be installed. Recently we started planning a small garden and have put in several tomatoes and a yellow pepper.

Here is a very nice hydroponic planting box Doug received as a gift from his brother.

We have two tomatoes and a cilantro planted in this box. Although we haven’t seen any deer roaming through the yard in some time ( our main herd was wiped out by several cars a few years back and I think the entire family died. It was a mess…) inside the fence is a bit more protection from rabbits, etc.

Here he is....the constant gardener...

If you are interested in this set up please check out Worm’s Way. They have stores in several locations - Indiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, N Kentucky/SW Ohio and Tennessee.

Also, they have a tab on their website titled Knowledge Base that has excellent advice on gardening, winterizing your garden, soil testing, composting and much more. It’s a cool site – if you are into gardening and growing stuff, check it out!

Rather than run my yap ... here are some photos. I will update as we grow tomatoes and see the progress.

I hope to show you some nice ripe home grown tomatoes soon!

Next up.....zucchini and herb planting!


MM said...

Great patio! It's so peaceful to sit outside and relax. You have a really nice spot to do that. I can't wait for homegrown tomatoes...that's what makes the summer!

Rita said...

We bought a beautiful BBQ 2 weeks ago and it has been raining and COLD since I'm jealous. Last year we did the upsidedown tomatoes, this year we want to try thenin containers; no Worms Way in our part.

Pierce said...

MM - you said it, it is so very peaceful. This is what we missed about camping. The sitting outside and hanging around a fire.

Aw, Rita, I'm sorry to hear you have cold rainy weather. We are still waiting on a patio roof to be installed and then we can sit out when it's drizzling. Upside down tomatoes? I want to try that!

Janel said...

Sounds like you are planning to have some salsa this summer. :)

Le laquet said...

I think that last year turned me forever into a gardener ... this year lettuce, coriander, basil, sprin onions, tomatoes and chillis are in and thriving! Looks gorgeous chez vous!

Mrs L

Joanne said...

Your patio is GORGEOUS! I would definitely be spending all my time outside if I were you.

And I can't wait for those tomatoes! And to see what deliciousness you cook with them!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Putting in our back deck changed our lives too. Amazing how that happens.
I love the planter! You'll be so happy eating your own produce. This is just the beginning, I'm sure!

Worm's Way said...

We are all totally pleased to see ourselves mentioned here. Thanks for that. So glad to hear you love our stores!

Pierce said...

Janel, we will sure need to make salsa and jar some for winter too.

Mrs. L - I'm happy to hear that....spring onions sound good...we don't have any of those. Yet.

Joanne- thanks! We have been living on it.

Natashya, I sure hope that is true that we'll be able to grow more of our own produce. It's fun and what a kick to pick something out of your own garden.

Worm's Way - This has been a positive experience with your planting boxes and potting soil........the tomatoes look great. They are doing so much better than the ones I have previously planted in the ground :-)

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