The Squirrel Head Manor Update

I have had so many things bouncing around in my head to write about, a mental to-do list, trying to catch up on reading and writing a book review, excitement over how well our mini garden is doing….in spite of how all of the aforementioned brings me happiness……all of it is eclipsed by my son’s graduation from Army basic combat training.

Tristan and Angel

I’ve been on a proverbial cloud. He looks happy and well. Doug and I are excited and proud for him. He has a lovely girlfriend now (Tristan…not Doug….hopefully) and they seem to make each other very happy. Should I wait for the other shoe to drop because everything seems to be going so well?

Well not this time! I am a worrier by nature – one who rates up there in epic standards… Nana Pierce was THE worrier of all times and sometimes, I know I inherited that gene. But all is going so well.

(Photo snapped before patio cover)

What shall we start with? Well…I have a smart phone now. While dragging my feet on a smart phone which is undoubtedly more than I need (or can figure out), the ideal solution arose. I am now using Doug’s old Droid. It’s a nice step up from the old phone. And I am not under contract while I use it. Win-win.

Getting to know all the amazing things this Droid is capable of had me gobsmacked ...yet not over-the-moon excited. UNTIL….I found the application for Epicurious.

Oh. Heaven. (For me anyway). There are menus for all sorts of recipes and for Cool Cocktails too. You can look at the recipe, save it to your favorites or even save it on a shopping list. Wow!

I feel like I’m living in a star trekky world now. Epicurious. The bomb! So excited!

Transitioning from that Cocktail App I would like to announce that I am now a proud member of the Cocktail Puppies crew :-)

Photo Credit

You’ll be seeing me post some good looking cocktails here and at over at Cocktail Puppies, all with the able assistance of my co-conspirator Drinky Crow (aka Doug…man of my dreams). Woot woot! May shaped up to be a FANtastic month.

The garden – the tomatoes branches were so heavy by the time we got home from our South Carolina trip (after just 4 days) that one was bent down, laden with tiny green tomatoes. The ones in the Worm’s Way planter are doing the best so far. Hopefully we’ll have lush tomatoes to share in a month or so. I also see many blooms on the yellow pepper, the green bell pepper was planted after the yellow pepper – no blooms there yet, Just added yellow crook neck squash to another bucket and so…..waiting for veggies.

That’s the update for now. Oh…Angry Birds is an app you can place on your smart phone that had me addicted in minutes. My head hurts. Must avoid it…. I may need to uninstall it from my phone.

Also, I miss my Blog List on the sidebar so I will be adding it back.

Right...that's it :-) Let's get to the weekend!


Drick said...

good to catch up, and thanks for sharing.. hey, I want some of that queso in the photo, I think that's what it is....

Rita said...

What a fun and Happy post! Life is so good when everything is going well; I know that feeling; I am too happy' will have to pay fof this....Love your photo; you look very relaxed.

Janel said...

Oh, it looks like everything is going so much better for you! Yay! Can't wait to see your drink recipes. I just downloaded a free DIY Cocktail book on my Kindle. :)

Roz from 'la bella vita' said...

Sounds like you've had a great May, full of many happenings! i love my Droid too, and especially the Epicurious app. My brother bought the newest one (which is what you might have) and he says that it is awesome!

Where did you go in South Carolina; this is the state I've lived in for nearly 16 years.

Your garden sounds like it is coming along nicely. Can't wait for tomatoes! But there's always fried green tomatoes and I've got a great Italian way to prepare them!

Happy June soon! Roz

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