Gin and Vodka Martinis

You know one of the things I love? Russian Standard Vodka! I am actually a big fan of vodka...Over the years I have tried many the Three Olives brand, 360 Chocolate (very desserty, Absolut...can't remember any other brands but...yum.

The kind folks at Russian Standard graced me with a lovely bottle, a cool bottle, of their vodka. I love the label.

The taste is so isn't flavored, it's just the silky taste. It doesn't interfere with the rest of the cocktail, doesn't overpower the drink. Yet it's also a sipping vodka - great mouth feel. Highly recommended but I will still try other vodkas...keeping a bottle of Russian Standard in our freezer though, mind you. :-)

So the other night Doug decides to mix up gin and vodka martinis. No's nice to compare, right?

Here is Doug's gin martini, made with Boodles gin.

I prefer my martini to be made with vodka. (love those olives)

Thank you so much to Russian Standard for sending me a bottle of their finest.

Check out the post on Cocktail Puppy!


Brenda said...

Lucky you Tina, free booze is always a good thing! I could use one or ten of those martinis right now.....

girlichef said...

awesome! And how much do I want that little tin/copper/metal cup!?

Pierce said...

Brenda, I would love to share a few drinks. Thinking of you.

Girlichef - If it makes you fell better you probably couldn't drink out of it...but it is cool!

Drick said...

wow, Russians sending you booze, so what's your connection? What are you telling us?
I see I have my work cut out, what do you think I need to do to get chubby with whiskey makers?

The Food Hunter said...

Free booze is good...Russian Vodka even better.

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