No Reservations at Food 'n Flix

No Reservations is the June movie pick at Food 'n Flix

It’s a recipe for most romantic comedies - with food involved! Boy and girl fight. Boy and girl fall for each other. Boy wants to fork girl…but of course, girl wants the fork too.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Kate, an uptight chef running a kitchen in a fancy restaurant in Manhattan . She is organized and great at what she does…but she is so work driven that she ends up in therapy. Actually, she’s sent to therapy by the restaurant owner. When her sister dies in a car crash Kate is charged with the guardianship of her nice, Zoe. Meanwhile, the restaurant owner hires Nick ( played by Aaron Eckhart) as a second chef. This of course freaks Kate out as she sees her job challenged.

Zoe takes a liking to Nick and invites him to dinner. (Zoe was quite good in Little Miss Sunshine in my opinion) She wants ordinary kid food but Auntie Kate serves her duck. C’mon! Nick wins Zoe over with his calm demeanor and ability to prepare her Oregano Spaghetti….a simple meal. Which is what most kids love...simplicity.

Oregano Spaghetti

What you’ll need…..

1 Large Can of Tomato Sauce,
1 Large Can of Diced Tomatoes,
1 Small Can of Tomato Paste,
1 Small White Onion,
2 Cloves of Garlic,
Fresh Oregano,
Fresh Basil,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Salt and Pepper
Spaghetti (about 3/4 of a 2 lb box)
Ground Beef

Surf over to our host Deb at Kahakai Kitchen and see the roundup at the beginning of July.
Also, as this is a recipe from Gourmet magazine, January 2009, I am linking to Ivonne's Magazine Monday series over at Cream Puffs in Venice. My only adaptation is adding ground beef in the sauce rather than make meatballs.

And Simona at Briciole who is the host of PPN this week.



girlichef said...

ha ha ha ha ha...oh my gosh, boy wants to fork girl...tee hee. I love this simple's beautiful. And that last shot with the steam rising is killer :D

Rita said...

What a great movie; anything associated with food grabs my attention! Lovely post that I really enjoyed; thank you!

Pierce said...

Heather, who doesn't love a nice fork, eh! And you need it for pasta :-)

This was a pretty good spite of Catherine Zeta Jone (who is not my favorite...I hear she's mean) and anything with food in it -a winner.

Rita, thanks you so much! I think you'd enjoy the movie.

Simona said...

I have seen the original movie, Mostly Martha, and enjoyed it. Very nice-looking spaghetti: thanks for sending the post to Presto Pasta Nights!

Ruth Daniels said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pasta with Presto Pasta Nights!

Le laquet said...

That just looks so 'simply' lovely! Yum :o)

Pierce said...

Simona, I will have to check out that original movie - sounds good.

Ruth - It's always a pleasure visiting and contributing to your sites :-)

Mrs. L - I will email you today, we need to catch up!

Kim said...

This is definitely a kid and adult friendly dish. I could live on meals like this.

Drick said...

yeah, I remember the movie, sweet... and so is this sauce, thick and meaty, full of flavor....

Pierce said...

Me too Kim! It's one of my favorite type sauces. And I love pasta.

Drick, I have printed out your artichoke pasta salad. This will be perfect for one of these sultry summer evenings.

creampuff said...

That was a great movie but if you ever have the chance - watch the orginial German version (Mostly Martha). It's even better!

Velva said...

I wanted to see this movie and never did. Love foodie love stories.

Your spaghetti dish is proof that simple is best.


Kim Bee said...

Great movie and great food. Perfect combination!

Pierce said...

Thanks Cream Puff - I will check it out.

Velva - now I want to see the original too.

Kim Bee - I love movie night and food...and wine...

Deb in Hawaii said...

Your spaghetti looks delicious and it's a great pick for the movie. Great recap too. ;-)

Thanks for joining in at Food 'n Flix this month. The round up will be posted at the end of the week.

miri goes phishing! said...

I'm new here...hopped over from debbies....i find ur movie synopsis so snaps looks so inviting too...would love to give this recipe a try...:)

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