Sunday, July 24, 2011

Updates! Graduation, Epic Fail Gardening, Bike Ride and Cocktails

Graduation at Ft Lee Virginia, food, books, motorcycle ride and some failed gardening updates......hmmmmm...where to start........

My son graduated with honors at Ft lee Virginia on Friday. I am so proud of him. :-) Wish we could have been there but his fiancee drove up and they were able to spend some time together.

Borders bookstores are closing, did you know that? Discounts are good now and we scored a chicken cookbook, a cocktail book, a Dave Matthews concert DVD, pretty hot pink journal....lots of stuff.

Almost too hot to ride: A few Sundays ago we rode about 200 miles...just to get out. Leaving early the heat isn’t too awful. Heading north into Georgia some guy blew by us on a sport touring bike and just looked at us. Doug was doing 60ish and this guy flew by so…..guess he was up to 80+ which was by far exceeding the speed limit.

Next thing we see a police car with lights flashing, flying by us in pursuit. HA-ha

Cockails: We made a few decent cocktails recently.
The post for Satan's Whiskers

may be found HERE

Sex on the Beach

may be found HERE

Gardening: We started the garden a bit too late in the season I think. It's very hot here, many days having a heat index 104+....which does not make the tomatoes happy. Did you know wasps love tomatoes? They do! They drill into our fat tomatoes and make them inedible. Next year we'll start the garden sooner.

My Italy in Reading Challenge is going well...just finished my fourth book for that blog and challenge. Review for The Daughter of Siena may be found HERE.

New Grill: Last but most certainly not least - my bartender/grill master acquired his new grill! He's been lusting after this one for quite awhile.

At this moment he is out fiddling with wood chips and a chicken.

Sorry I haven't been visiting much......sometimes I just can not open the comment field on your sites. Shite of an Internet connection I imagine.

Hope you all are well and braving the heat of summer with good food, good company and a cold drink.



MM said...

Congrats to your son...and his proud parents!

I don't think it's your internet connection. Blogger has been acting goofy when it comes to commenting. There are several blogs I can't comment on either. Boo!

Brenda said...

Tina, congratulations to your son! You must be so incredibly proud. I agree, Blogger sucks lately. Here's a trick. When you sign into Blogger, if your ``keep me signed in`` button is checked, uncheck it and you should be able to comment on all blogs okay. That`s how I do it. Even though I uncheck it though, the next time I sign in, it`s checked again, so I have to keep unchecking it. Try it!

Anonymous said...

By Satan's whiskers ... will become my newest "I can/will do this" shout (taking over from "By Grabthar's hammer!") Is that mixture for one person ... if so, I'd love to come and drink cocktails @ SHM!

Great news about T - does he get some leave now? So that he and the grill master can play with the new toys?
Mrs L x

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Good times! Congrats to your son, and Doug for his grill.
Wasps in the tomatoes? Interesting! Who knew they loved tomatoes? Must be a Florida thing. ;-)

girlichef said...

Doug sure looks happy ;) And yay, awesome job to your baby..I just know you're beaming! I didn't know that wasps like tomatoes...crazy. I can (and have) watched that DVD hundreds of times...aaaahhhhh Dave. Awesome set! Tim came here a few years back with his trio (to ND) and sister and I went and I touched him ;) I would have much rather been touching Dave...although I probably wouldn't have been able to let go, so maybe it's a good thing.

Rita said...

Congratulations to your son and to to you Bartender master for his new toy. My man got a new one this year and it is the perfect toy.didn't knw about tomatoes and wasps. Blogger is a PAIN!

Pierce said...

Thank you all so much! I have been slacking on blogging but not being able to comment was pissing me off.

For what it's worth - Brenda is absolutely correct! I unchecked the "keep me signed in" and lo and behold, I have been successfully commenting today!!

Yes, I am double dog proud of my son :-) Wasps, oh how they suck....and Doug is totally inmlust with his grill!

Heather, (Tim Reynolds) you touched him :-) Love Dave Matthews..

Yes, By Satan's Whiskers! You are all invited for drinks when you are in the neighborhood.!!!!

Drick said...

know you are proud of Tristen, congrats to him...hey, tell Doug I want to hear more about that grill, not sure what all it can do, but it looks to be some kind of contraption off to the side.. what the heck is that...

Pierce said...

Drick, This grill is amazing. It smoked/roasted a chicken that was so beautiful. I'll get him to write the grill he's ever owned though.

Lord of Squirrel Head Manor said...

Drick, The new grill is a Weber Performer charcoal grill, and the thing out to the side of the kettle is a nice table! That part alone makes this grill worth the price ($329 is the typical price), but it also has a pair of charcoal baskets for indirect grilling, a charcoal bin to store charcoal and, the coolest feature of all, IMO, a propane charcoal lighter that uses one of those small canisters of propane like you use for lanterns and camping stoves. It really does perform and, once you get past the bit of sticker shock, is totally worth the price.

Lord of Squirrel Head Manor said...

Drick, I just realized you might mean that thing sticking out the side opposite the table...That is a rack to hold the grill lid, so you don't have to find a place to put the hot lid when adding charcoal, checking if your food is done, etc.

Drick said...

my Lord, many Thanks, it sounds like a beaut and from the look of the bird in latest post, well worth whatever price...magnificent job, I cannot wait to go back & read it but wanted to comment here first - the box storage I guess is what I could not figure out and at first, it appeared to have knobs on the front... I will have to put that on a wish list, my problem is finding a storage spot...