Beat the Heat with a Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is traditionally made with ginger beer.

Looking at beverage recipes on Epicurious, Mixology, Mr Bostons and of course, the recipe sent to me from the good folks at Russian Standard, they all call for ginger beer. This book here, stacked in the middle, called 750 Cocktails has ginger ale in the recipe. So I thought, why not.

Being a Philadelphia girl I basically grew up with a ginger ale in my hand. I’d get to my Nana’s house and Uncle Lew would look at me and say, “Are you dry? You look dry.” And then hand me a ginger ale.

Hmmm….where was I….that went spectacularly off track. Right……on my 3rd Moscow Mule….with ginger ale.

It’s good! I liked it enough to make a second…then a third. By then a fourth drink was in order but I switched to what Doug named “a mistake”...more on that later.

For the original recipe check out my pal Natashya at Cocktail Puppy HERE



Janel said...

I could use one of these right now. I'll be right over...I wish!! :-)

Pierce said...

Janel, I would love that!

Rita said...

Looks good and sounds even better.

Pierce said...

Thanks Rita...I love Russian Standard!

Anonymous said...

So if this was ginger beer I'd be saying - "do you know, I'll just have a coke please" BUT with Ginger Ale ... да, пожалуйста, товарищ!!

Mrs L x

Pierce said...

Mrs. L...bless you...Was that a sneeze?! I like ginger beer ok but the ale in it was great. I like my little cuppa.

Le laquet said...

No that was "Yes please comrade"!

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