"Release your stress" with Crispy-Sticky Chicken Thighs (you get to stab cherry tomatoes)

Juicy, succulent, crusty potatoes mingling with tomatoes and basily chicken - an easy roasted meal. My mouth is watering just recalling this meal.

Potluck! This is a perfect meal to prep if you have unchecked aggression and want to stab something. Even if you only think about that (as a co-worker drives you mad, or dealing with a customer-service deficient clerk at the market) and you would never act on it. C'mon....admit it......you've killed a number of people in your imagination on a monthly basis. You certainly do if you drive anywhere...especially these days.

Right...off track again.

See these little tomatoes...I thought it would be a giant pain in the ass to pull the skin off.....but it was just as Jamie stated in the recipe, simple! I poked (gently stabbed) slits in the tiny tomatoes, then poured boiling water over them.

Fresh basil makes a lovely difference in the aroma, and of course, in the taste.

Rather than blather about the steps I will direct you to Jamie's Recipe which may be found at Food Network right HERE

It's simple, once it's in the roasting pan you may turn your attention to something else. This one had me planning to make it again and again.

This ends the six months of cooking with Jamie at I Heart Cooking Club. Goodbye you mockney-talking rascal. Hello to Tessa Kiros


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Michelle said...

These look delicious!

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