Mini Weekend Wine Review: Goats Do Roam

We love Dave Matthews. We have every CD he's put out. Know what else we love from South Africa? Goats Do Roam wines.
What a dream - to live on a farm/vineyard where I could see goats all the time (I am a HUGE fan of the humble goat) and experience life on a vineyard. Wine making and goat herding,..........bliss. Ok, I got off topic before I even started.........

We've been a fan for quite awhile of this label. I love the play on words. This particular 2009 red went stunningly well with a lemon roasted chicken and balsamic roasted yellow onions. Medium body, tastes of cherry. Not strong cherry.......a nice hint.

From the bottle, "Our timeless goat icon, inspired by an ancient Mesopotamian artifact, symbolizes the importance of balance and composition, the core of our winemaker's art."

True that, fancy enough words to tell you this is 72% Syrah and a bit of Grenache.

Read more about Goats Do Roam HERE.

Recommended. An affordable wine which pairs well with many dishes.

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