People can be so cruel

People can be so cruel. When it comes to animals I have a soft heart and I just can not wrap my head around the fact that a dog or cat can be thrown out of a vehicle and abandoned like a piece of trash.

To the person who dumped this poor animal
– I know the chances of you reading this is about a gazillion to one – but I curse your insensitivity, your callous disregard for another living creature which most likely did you no harm….you discarded a dog as you would a piece of garbage. This little guy depended on you for everything in his life. For warmth, for food, for shelter and for love. How could you be so heartless? Karma. I hope it bites you in the ass threefold.

We live in a rural area. As town moves out closer to us over these past 20 years we've seen more traffic, more homes sprouting up. But our little road still seems a good place for people to dump their unwanted pets.

Latest case -
The dog will not let me near him. He ran when I shook a bowl and showed him food, almost getting hit by a car in the process. If I can get within 100 yards of this poor fellow it’s amazing. A few times a week he sits near the edge of the road where I assumed he’d been dumped. He just waits…and waits. Heartbreaking.

At present he has taken to hanging out near the woods around the corner from our property. He barks up a storm but you can see he’s scared and hungry. One day as he was barking like crazy I said a few soothing words and let him see me place food on the ground. As soon as Doug and I were a good distance away he scarfed up the food. You could tell he was ravenous. Hopefully he will trust me one day and then (to him) the ultimate betrayal as I cart him to an animal hospital. If he’s lucky he’ll get a home. At worst, he’ll be put to sleep because face it….there are so animals in need to adoption and not enough who are willing (or able) to provide a home.

Our shibas are rescue dogs. Spoiled silly now, but one of them sure didn’t have a great start in life. If you can adopt, please contact your rescue organizations or your local shelter. Give them a chance at a good life because they sure can enrich your life.

Now, as we are talking about pets, Here is a good article from Natashya Kitchen Puppies regarding remembering your pets during the holidays. And some good advice all around!


Le laquet said...

You're right - horrible people, don't have animals if you cannot make a day-in-day-out, lifelong commitment!
Mrs L

Katerina said...

This is such a pitty Pierce! I feel so sorry for the poor dog. But I can tell you people can be cruel even in their own home stayed dogs. I have a pretty good example in my neighborhood!

Pierce said...

So least we've been getting him some food every evening.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Oh, this is really awful. It's hard to believe that people can be so cruel, but what goes around comes around and, as you say, karma will hopefully come back to bite these people on the arse!!

Sue xo

Pierce said...

Well said, Sue!

Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family said...

I just don't understand some people. There are places you can take an animal if you can't keep them. I just don't know how they are able to be so cold hearted to put an animal out and leave.
Amen to you for trying to help this dog :)
Merry Christmas.

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