Update on Squirrel Head Manor Happenings.......128 Mile Ride, New Bar, Cocktails

I'm a lucky woman. When the weather is nice we are able to ride and grab lunch, enjoy each other's company...just have fun. These photos are from a month ago but I have been a lazy thing not uploading until now.

Doug took us to St Marks where we enjoyed a seafood meal and watched the boats drift by on the river. It was a popular day out for bikes.

Then we rose the long way back through the Appalachicola National Forest. 128 miles and great weather.
Doug's bike was the best looking one out there. See...he's growing his hair back! Bet you all thought he was really bald from previous photos.

I had fun...clearly. :-)

For the longest time we used a two shelf bookcase as a bar. Hey, it worked well..........

Now we have a slick looking piece of furniture that was not intended for use as a bar, but it works very well! Our Christmas gift to each other this year. Best ever big gift has been the gate.

We are enjoying it, fixing up a spare room.

Happy Holidays to this concoction!

Toasted Marshmallow Amore. What a beautifully made cocktail! I posted this over at Cocktail Puppy.

But this one....My Favorite ever. Santa Baby.....he makes a rockin' martini!

Best of all this month is a visit from our son and daughter-in-law. My babies came home for Christmas and we've been able to enjoy a few good meals with them. (Ok, this is from the wedding reception...but I don't have a photo from this week)
Love them!

Life is good. I hope yours is too.



drick perry said...

life is sooo good and I am so glad to see your comments back up... ya know, I have been checking in but not bothering with trying to comment and tonight I decided to see if you had started it back up...so glad you did, been missing it...
now, I do hope you, Doug, and family have a wonderful Christmas, get in some good bike riding and do more of what's important, ya know...
Merry Christmas, glad to see ya tooling around Apalachicola, I like it over there,...

Le laquet said...

Ooooh that cocktail looks interesting! I lurve a martini :o)

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