Mini Weekend Wine Review: Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc

This is a cold bottle.

The food pairing recommended by Cupcake is to
Serve chilled with oysters on a half shell or with a rich and succulent lobster risotto

That has my mouth watering! We served with grilled fish which I wrote about HERE

Good marriage of the lemony white wine with Mahi Mahi. Just the right amount of sweetness and zing. Lovely pear yellowish coloring…can you tell I liked this one :-)

Occasionally on sale at Costco and World Market for under $8 a bottle. Definitely one to stock up on for summer meals.



Velva said...

Cheers to a great meal and a good bottle of wine.


Debbie said...

Hey! I drank he same exact thing last night. LOL

Debbie said...

with beer steamed mussels.

Pierce said...

Cheers to you too, Velva!

Debbie, great minds think alike!

Le laquet said...

Lobster risotto and Sauvignon Blanc sound like a match made in heaven ... went out for lunch yesterday and thought of you and Doug - you'd have loved the setting in the snow! Good lunch too!

Rita said...

Love the name. Oysters and white wine will be on the menu in March in Victoria BC next month.

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