Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busted Stuff

Nope....not a review of the Dave Matthews album Busted Stuff. the past two weeks my laptop was hit with a very nasty virus. And I wasn't even surfing anywhere exciting. I'd been to Yahoo mail. A few blogs....the usual. People are so mean writing these nasty viruses. And to what end........???....I'm not going to buy a new computer from the a#$hole who ruined mine.

Now, I have important info to impart to you regarding refrigerators. It was quite an education.

Our refrigerator has finally died. Doug fixed it a few months ago. Unfortunately, a week or so back it started making a horrid noise, went on for a few minutes bleating out an annoying sound. That must have been the death throes, a warning.

Next the temperature dropped inside to 60 degrees and some of the food was ruined. Spoiled. Naturally this happened on a weekend and we had to shop for a new fridge.

Things I learned when shopping - Okay, this sounds odd but I actually measured a few of the bigger pots and casserole dishes which are frequent lodgers in our fridge. Sometimes the soup pot goes in and I needed to be sure that big thing would fit.

So glad I measured. I started with the large soup pot. From the bottom of the pot to the top of the knob on the lid. It actually didn't fit in the fridge we had decided on. Not without moving shelves. Imagine doing that when it's packed with food (moving food out and adjusting shelves). One model didn't have a cheese drawer. Really? No cheese drawer?

Also, I really wanted a top freezer model. The side-by-side models (such as the dead one we have/had) measured 19 inches across in the interior refrigerated portion. The top freezer model measures 25 inches across. Makes a remarkable difference when storing large casserole dishes, etc.
The French Door models have a great amount of refrigerated room but the freezer part is in the bottom. That means the ice trays are as well.
Gave that some thought as we would be bending for ice an awful lot (especially in the hot summer months).

We finally bought the LG model (top freezer)after much measuring, looking, comparing. I am very happy without our choice.

Whirlpool is made in the United States but there wasn't a compartment in the door to hold milk. There were compartments to allow storage of salad dressings, condiments, etc......but nothing large enough to hold a gallon of milk.
Maytag (which was what we had)is also the same as Frigidaire which is something I did not know before. After speaking to a repairman who wandered through while we were shopping, he told us they cut back on the costs of building the units by screwing some parts directly into the doors rather than use washers and extra steps to ensure longer use and reliability. The LG brand seems much better put together, quality doors and compartments. Solidly built. We were not able to examine any other brands....but I wanted to share what I found out on these brands.

For what it's worth, I like the look of the French door type very much but that bottom freezer didn't work for us. We all have our preferences and particular needs in regard to our kitchen appliances - my preference is the top freezer.'s been a little hectic here and we had some other things going on I haven't been visiting or posting much. Just on the fly.

Lookout for some Williams-Sonoma Essentials of French Cooking recipes coming up. As well as Food 'n Flix and a few other things.

Hope all is well in your world!


Heather said...

Ummm...yeah...guilty. I immediately sang Busted Stuff - ha! I was distraught when I lost my first laptop - to whatever it was. Still not sure. Bummer =( And what a fridge education!'s 81 degrees in NW Indiana right now. In the middle of March. Wha!!!??? =)

Pierce said...'s 82 here. We were on the patio until the mosquitoes chased us in! Nothing wrong with singing a little Dave Matthews :-)

Janel said...

Our fridge has been having problems lately, so I may be in the same boat soon. I'm sure the people we bought our house from just replaced the appliances with the cheapest options possible...or maybe the woman didn't cook and didn't care!

Rita said...

Just before leaving I was attacked somehow ans couldn't get or send email. What a crisis, got that fixed the day before we left.
My stove really needs replacing; have no clue where to start; they sure make them complex now.
That will be my project when we get home.
The weather has been horrible here in Victoria,our 3rd wind storm. cold and rain. Beautiful warm spring weather back home. Sometimes I wonder... why did we leave.

Marina said...

What a thorough review you have here. When I was buying my fridge, I looked only at price-size, and that's it.

Kim said...

Yep, all fridges are not created equal. I have a french door model and it's not nearly as big as I'd like it to be. You were so right to put a lot of thought in your purchase though. Enjoy:)

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