Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Road Trip! Music, Local restaurants and Adventure

Who doesn't love vacation? Even if you stay home a bit and do/bake/drink whatever you want. Activities which usually won't fit in with a work week. This week we have been enjoying patio time, cooking from my favorite cookbooks, watching the wildlife and relaxing. Even more exciting is a road trip we are about to take today. The plan is: go to a concert, visit local eateries and lots of photos of food. Yesss!

Guess who we are going to see? One of our favorite Canadians....

Nope, not Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, even though seeing Nathan Fillion on the Firefly or Castle set would be very cool. (Yes, I know Firefly has long been canceled)

Not William Shatner (although that would be great...and my son would be so envious. Huge fan)

We're going to see Diana Krall!

We have been enjoying listening to jazz in our newly reclaimed room (finally got rid of the gym taking up space) and thought....let's see when Diana performs close enough for us to make the drive. This will be a huge treat for us homebodies to get out to a concert.

Next plan is to find a Dave Matthews concert.

As always, the shibas will join us since glaucoma-boy needs three different eye medications every 12 hours. They love to go along though, and we love having them.

I'm hoping to get some Cuban food when we visit Tampa so......good photos to come on that adventure too!



Rita said...

Diana Krall...My husband's favourite singer; and you are going to see her! how exciting. Please let us know about this concert when you get back. Enjoy your holiday my Friend.

drick perry said...

wow, hope y'all have a great trip and have a blast, I know you will...

Marina said...

Lovely post. Have a good time!

Pierce said...

Thank you all so much. It was a great time. Wish she had played more. I will do a short post about it and the food stuff too.
She had a surprise appearance by Chick Corea - wow!

Pierce said...
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