Monday, April 02, 2012

Jazz, Bonefish Grill and Fun. Just plain fun.

If you are a fan of the jazzy, smokey-voiced Diana Krall you would have loved our evening in Clearwater last Wednesday evening. For starters, Ruth Eckerd Hall is made for concerts such as this. If you've ever been to a concert at a civic center, with all the concrete and noise, you would appreciate this well built concert hall for acoustics and comfort.

Diana played with Robert Hurst on bass, Anthony Wilson on guitars and Karriem Riggins on drums. All are fantastically gifted artists and it was a pleasure to be entertained by them.
(no cameras allowed so I snagged these photos from Bing.)

There was also a surprise appearance by Chick Corea. He came out and played while Diana faced the audience and sang. She said her face was still red about seeing her idol after Chick left the stage.

Here is a link to the Summer Nights tour with these outstanding musicians. I wish she had played a few favorites such as Peel Me a Grape or East of the Sun. However, she did a great job with Frim Fram Sauce, Pick Yourself Up and a rendition of a Nat King Cole song among others.

What was particularly pleasant was her chit-chat with the audience. She would just talk, ask how we've been since our last "visit" and relayed personal stories about her two sons, her husband and growing up on Vancouver Island. You felt like she was speaking directly to you. What a nice person.

After the concert we stopped at Bonefish Grill in Clearwater. I had a vodka martini with fat Queen olives. Couldn't resist nibbling one before I snapped this. Doug had Saffire and tonic but I didn't get that shot.

We shared an order of Crab Cakes and warm bread..........Bonefish always has excellent service and food. Love it.

Lunch earlier was a chicken Parmesan sandwich drenched in mozzarella and a roast beef and shredded onion sandwich. Looks a mess, these photos, and I can tell you - they were a mess to eat as well. Good food served at place called Court Side. Lots of televisons in there with different sports on each channel. The menu was quite diverse and had everything from burgers to grilled lamb and steaks and healthy salads.

My mother told me if you can't say anything about someone (something maybe too) then don't open your mouth. So I shall not tell you about Candlelight Suites in Clearwater. Just don't stay there. Ok? (It's one reason we didn't stick around to locate some Cuban restaurants.)

Would we drop the bucks to go see her again? ABsolutely!!

Coming up........summer grilling recipes.

Cheers, my friends!


Rita said...

Thank you so much for sharing your evening with us. As I told you she is my husband's favourite singer. I read this to him and was thrilled for you. i must say that food looked pretty too.

Pierce said...

Thank you so much, Rita. We had a phenomenally wonderful time. I would love to see her again. Just found out Chick Corea will be in Jacksonville next month. Alas, an outdoor concert ..but its a free jazz festival!

drick perry said...

sounds like fun and good live music always makes for a wonderful time ... looking forward to your grilling...

Pierce said...

Thank you, Drick. I just printed your crouton recipe so they will be making an appearance soon on salads :-)

Joanne said...

I love it when a musician is not only a good performer but a good entertainer. Sounds like a ton of fun!

Pierce said...

It was Joanne. And once she started singing it was amazing. Have you been to a concert and they don't sound as good as the album or CD? Diana sounded fantastic.

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