Friday, June 08, 2012

Camenbert Stuffed Mushrooms - Big Fat Buttery Appetizers!

First off, welcome and thank you to Chef Lippe for becoming a follower of my site!

What do I want to share with you today? The humble mushroom. Stuffed with Camenbert cheese, garlic and parsley.

Sometimes you get home from work and you are hungry. But you don't want to spoil your appetite for dinner. This can be made in under 20 minutes, and that's not hands on time either. Takes about 8 minutes to put this together for the oven. That's it.

You'll need the following..........

1 package white mushrooms,
4 or 5 cloves of garlic, minced
Roughly a 1/4 cup parsley, chopped
4 whole (to 5) Green Onions, Sliced
About 1 tablespoon white wine
1 slice of Camembert cheese

Easy Preparation

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Wash the mushrooms and pull out stems.
Melt butter in saucepan large enough to accommodate the mushroom caps, then add mushrooms and sauté in the butter.

Remove mushrooms from pan and place upside down in a baking dish.

You can use the same pan (fewer dishes to do later) and add the rest of the ingredients except the cheese. Just gently stir the herbs, onion and wine….get it soft. And buttery ooey.
This will be a minute, maybe two, for it to blend together. Take that pan off the heat!

Now, cut the Camembert into small enough pieces to fit inside the mushroom. Once you have the cheese stuffed inside, dribble the garlic herb mixture over the top.

Bake for 10 to 15 minutes. This will be hard but….let them cool a few moments or seriously, you WILL burn your mouth!

Simple, right? And pretty appetizers as well……… could get carried away. I almost did. Goes well with a white wine ….cools your burning tongue.

What is your favorite appie? I think brushetta is one of my top favs but these mushrooms....they have a place in the top five.

Hope you all in the northern hemisphere are not blistering with these hot temperatures we've been getting already.



~~louise~~ said...

I LOVE stuffed mushrooms Tina especially when they are oozing with cheese. They may even be my very best favorite "appie."

Thank you so much for sharing...Now I want stuffed mushrooms and I haven't even had breakfast yet!

Anonymous said...

yum! i loveeee stuffed mushrooms! they're so poppable! haha thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

oooohhhh....I just might make some of these tomorrow. I was looking for a good appie to make for tomororw night. Yum.

Debra Eliot said...

Love the garlicky-ness!

Katerina said...

Quick and delicious, my kind of appetizer!

Pierce said...

Hi all and thanks for the nice comments here. This was truely a keeper and I hope you have the opportunity to try them (if you like mushrooms, of course).

Carole said...

Oh my, mouth watering. Great idea. Thanks for bringing them on over Cheers

Trisha said...

I have never tried stuffed mushrooms, but these sound yummo and easy to make. I see some stuffed mushrooms in my near future ;)

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