Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Updating the site, an Award and Black Forest Pie

Do you ever just get tired of the way your site looks....but there are features you like, quite a bit, and are reluctant to change? Yeah....I changed out a few things on this site. It's cleaner....but there is just something missing. Probably playing around with it and I will get it nailed just right.

One thing bugs Live Feed bar (see it over on the right)won't come up for me in Mozilla. It seems to display on IE but not on Firefox.

So........what do I want to share with you today?

Black Forest Pie.

I have made this before and it's usually a hit. But this time, wow, it really came together in perfect texture. I don't know if it was the high humidity from all the rain, or stirring it longer or what...........but this was a success.

Here is the recipe from my earlier post in June of 2009

This was one of the many desserts I made while my son and his wife were visiting from Ft Stewart.
See............if they lived closer I could make these things sporadically and not overindulge in a week's time. Ha ha....

Last but not least, thank you to Shari at The Saucy Gourmet for bestowing me with such a fun award!

I really appreciate that, Shari, and I know I am meant to share some random facts about myself, but to do so would violate my agreement with the witness protection program. So I will remain a mystery. (kidding.....a bit)

Next up I plan to share an easy seafood meal - Honey-Sesame Scallops. Stay tuned!


Shari TheSaucyGourmet said...

Wow, this pie looks awesome. Love Black Forrest Cake, so how can this pie not be awesome!! Oh Ft Stewart....we lived there for 2 very long years. I will always treasure all the friendships I made there but oh Hinesville, at least I had Savannah for food and shopping.

Heather said...

Mmm..I love Black Forest anything. I know I'd love this! Your site looks great. I can see you live feeds thing and I use Chrome. FYI. ;P

~~louise~~ said...

I think your site looks great too but I understand you wanting to make changes. I've been meaning to do the same thing for ever so long...Kudos to you for jumping right in, Tina.

Oh and yes indeed, I adore Black Forest in any way shape or form.

Thanks for sharing...

drick perry said...

yes, your pie looks mighty fine ... could dive right in... have a great weekend

Pierce said...

Shari, I know what you mean about Hinesville. When we visited the kids there aren't too many options. Course we went just to see them. Good thing Savannah is close.

Thanks Heather. I am using Chrome now and that's been a help. Seems Blogspot won't support Mozilla much longer, or so they state in the header of my blog dashboard :-(

Louise, Thanks so much. Change is good! I aim to make more changes coming up soon.

Drick, you too! Have a good weekend and I hope you are spared the stormy weather.

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