Borsao Rose

Borsao Rose is a new summer favorite. Perfect for light meals or an aperitif. Appetizer night may find this one a featured wine for sure! From the label – “ evokes sun drenched strawberries.”

That sums it up quite well. We were shopping for a Rose to go with a light pasta dish with artichokes and bruschetta. The wine guy at Market Square liquors recommended this one.

Brilliant choice. Spanish wine at it’s best.

If you like Rose I recommend this one without reservations.


Velva said...

I may need to put this one on my list. I have been thinking about rose's lately.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.


~~louise~~ said...

That goes for me too! Thanks for sharing, Tina!

Pierce said...

Ladies, you won't be sorry...this is a good one!

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