Monday, September 10, 2012

Meatless Monday Offering - Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta Spread with sauteed Veggies

I am late getting this Meatless Monday post up but....we just finished eating about an hour ago. Tonight's goal is to get my Kindle books into electronic folders while Doug is out with the telescope. Finally....we have clear skies!

Here is my meal offering tonight. This took about 15 minutes to prepare. Win-win on this one. I chopped some fresh mushrooms, scallions and garlic. Saute in a bit of olive oil.

On the pantry shelf was a bottle of Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta spread. I spooned a few helpings onto the softened vegetable mix. Boil the pasta and you are almost there.

While the pasta is cooking just set out a cheese platter and fresh baguette. This is a meatless meal with rich flavors and isn't too high on the calorie count (if you don't have too many helpings).

Look how it blends...............also, note the tiny oven-roasted tomatoes on the side. They are so tasty and sweet.

Enjoy! Book reviews are coming up soon.


Sue/the view from great island said...

Love this...especially those oven roasted tiny tomatoes!

Katerina said...

Looks like the perfect weeknight meal Tina! Quick, straighforward and delicious! I love it!

Pierce said...

Thank you Sue and Katerina :-)

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