Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rosé d'Anjou for the mini weekend wine review

Remy Pannier from the Loire valley in France.

Tastes much sweeter than the other rosés we have been enjoying. Strawberry notes, medium-sweet wine and easy to tip back. Despite enjoying it with a light meal of cold steamed shrimp and fruit salad....I would rather have one of the other French or Spanish rosés we had previously.

This was not a bad price at $12.99 but compared to the Borsao or Chateau Grande Cassagne (very reasonably priced at $9 and $10) this one won't be on the must-buy-list.


Debra Eliotseats said...

Wish I could get some today. Alas, it's Sunday! :( Love your reviews and must have some Rose before the weather changes!

Pierce said...

Thanks Debra, it's been fun comparing these wines before summer weather goes away.

Le laquet said...

I have to be honest (occasional sweet tooth when it comes to rose) - one of my favourites.

Tina said...

We aren't fans of too sweet a wine but I know we finished this bottle :-)