Wow! Layer Cake Pinot Noir - Weekend Wine Review

This wine is 100% Pinot Noir and from the Central Coast of California. It’s beautifully rich and deep red in color. Husband said it tastes like comfort.
I can’t think of a better description that is so perfect. This one has a terrific mouth feel, and as I said – quite rich but not overpowering. You get scents of the deep red fruit such as plums. Perfect with the grilled rosemary lamb chops even though a wine pairing suggestion was a cabernet sauvignon for this meal.

Would we get this again – absolutely. 14.5% alcohol and a bargain at $12.99 at World Market.

This was on the back of the bottle – what a fine tribute:

"My old grandfather made and enjoyed wine for 80 years. He told me the soil in which the vines lived were a layer cake. He said, the wine, if properly made,was like a great layer cake, fruit, mocha, chocolate, and hints of spice — and rich, always rich.
'Never pass up a good Layer Cake,' he would say.
'I have always loved those words.'


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~~louise~~ said...

Oh what I would do for a glass of "comforting" wine Tina. I haven't been drinking much wine lately because nothing seems to "do it."

Do you buy through World Market often? I've been contemplating buying online but I don't know much about reputable companies. I do know central PA is lacking in many many goodies:) Of course we make up for it with many many goodies too, lol...

Thanks for sharing a sip...

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