Sunday, November 25, 2012

An Adventure..........Apalachicola National Forest, Hot Chocolate with Rum and Doughnuts

Saturday was a fantastic day....better than Thanksgiving, better than turkey (and I love turkey..a lot), better than receiving a new stand mixer. Yes. It was that much fun.

We don't have a jeep but Doug took his SUV off into sandy and dirt back roads to explore the Apalachicola National Forest and wooded areas in search of a place to set up his telescope some evening. Inky dark skies are guaranteed in these areas. While he didn't find "the spot" (flat, away from the road and clear of tree line), we did have a blast picking wild bay leaves, taking photos at boat landings, walking through the woods.....

Wright Lake Camp Ground - would love to camp here one day.

This photo below is Ashley boat landing and looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings. We passed quite a few hunters and dogs on the way down these little roads.

Oh, we saw an eagle take off just feet from the car, it abandoned eating whatever it had on the side of the road. What a magnificent bird - and huge.

Don't shoot near a house, please.

We roamed around Ft Gadsden and looked at the river, walked around the remains of where the old structure stood. Not to belabor the Hobbit references but you could imagine them living in those rolling hills. (Please see photo album for all pics)

Apalachicola River...a group on a small boat pulled in here while Doug and I were walking around. Pretty ride...floating down the river. They said it was cold though.

My phone died (that's where the photos are from) and I couldn't get a shot of some wild bay bushes. We picked a good handful to dry out.

Once home, we planned a fire for the evening.

Hot chocolate liberally laced with Myer's Dark Rum paired with a doughnut...which you can see was being begging by the shibas.

Kobe is looking very Japanese this evening....hoping that will get him some doughnut. It did not.

All photos here - Just click on the photo below to get to album.
HWY 65

Now, I have other updates about books, reading challenges and cooking.............but that won't be until I am online again.

Hope you all are enjoying this last week of November!


Le laquet said...

Oh that looks beautiful and what wonderful weather you're having *jealous* We're being blown to kingdom-come and back this weekend! And don't get me started on yesterday's rugby!!

Velva said...

Tina, this is a great way to spend the day. I love days like these too. Even better, in the evening you capped it off with a good hot chocolate drink, your favorite furry family members and a donut.


Happy Holidays to you.


Janel Gradowski said...

That looks like a fabulous way to spend the day. How cool that you got to pick some fresh bay leaves. Love using those in pot roasts in the winter. Kobe's expression is adorable!

Rita said...

Really love those fall pictures telling is winter can't be very far.We had snow on the weekend and it seems to want to stick around; very cold up here.

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