Friday, November 02, 2012

Pollo Estofado - Clarita's Spanish Style Stew

When it's warm I like grilled fish, shrimp, cocktails on the patio and light meals.

But now the weather has turned on us in north would be expected in late October, early November. This morning it is 46 F and last week we had strongs winds making the temperature feel like 33 F.

That means it's time for thick stews and hearty dishes.

From Clarita's Cocona I adapted her recipe for Pollo Estofado...that's Spanish Chicken Stew and it was very good. Quite hearty, warmed the belly. If you are looking for a stew that is easy to prepare, check this one out.

Pollo Estofado Ingredients:

1 whole fryer, cut into pieces or 8-10 pieces of chicken
1/4 cup virgin olive oil
4-5 large cloves of garlic, unpeeled
1 1/2 cups dry white wine
bay leaf
1 large yellow onion, coarsely chopped
Tomatoes (canned or stewed)
1 medium sweet red pepper
2 peeled carrots, cut into 1 inch pieces
A handful of green peas
salt and pepper to taste
Roasted potatoes


I started with baking potatoes, cut up and roasted at 375 F for 45 minutes. When this is going on, start cooking the rest of the ingredients.

In a large, deep frying pan or skillet, heat olive oil and add bacon. Remove bacon and cut up. Now brown chicken for 5-7 minutes each side on medium high heat.

Add bacon bits, garlic, onion, carrots and sweet red pepper to pan and sauté until onion is translucent, approximately 5 minutes on medium heat.

Add white wine to skillet and turn heat to high until broth just about boils, then add tomatoes, reduce and simmer until chicken is cooked thoroughly and liquid is reduced a bit and thickens, 20-30 minutes. Check the pan while chicken is cooking and add more broth or water if necessary.

Scrape the roasted potato chunks in the pan.

Just before serving, add green peas to pan and stir well.

Coming up is Arroz con Pollo from this cookbook.

Time to go do a few book reviews and make another pie :-)


Debbie said...

This looks like a great fall 'comfort' meal. I hope you didn't get too much wind from the hurricane.

Pierce said...

Debbie, We didn't get too much storm activity all. Thanks for asking!

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