Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Challenges, Ocala Trip and Catching Up

January 2013…..that is getting easier to write…the 2013 part…. but I am still amazed at quickly it arrived. It was enjoyable seeing our son during the Christmas holiday and even more fun going out to Bone fish grill celebrating his birthday. Then new year’s eve was upon us and before you know it, back to work and slogging through the repetitious chores of the daily grind. But a body has to go earn the wine and cheese money so…..back to work.

Book Challenges
I have signed up for Beth Fish's What's in a Name #6 as well as the Amy Einhorn books perpetual challenge. This will be noted at my book blog but thought I would tell you Squirrel Head Manor readers as well.

There were some book reviews and posts for 2012 which I just didn’t get around to finishing. So, wrapping up 2012, I had completed a book review on my temporary Jane Austen frenzy. The review for By A Lady by Amanda Elyot may be found at Novel Meals.

It’s listed in my “Not Recommended” folder on Goodreads. So I don’t believe I will embellish on that book further…..not here. Polishing up reviews for The Hunger Games, Clash of Kings and various notes in progress for The Passage by Justin Cronin.

We made a trip to Ocala last month (business for Doug, me just tagging along) and of course the shibas joined us. That’s the only way we can travel, if there is a pet friendly hotel available. If you are ever in Ocala and plan to stay at the Hilton, do yourself a favor and ask for any floor except the third one. Third floor is reserved as pet friendly. They don't even try on the thrid floor, Hilton or not, it's a bit shabby.

We walked out to see Buddy, the big Clydesdale horse who is always in residence.

Aja wanted to check him out, Kobe wanted to challenge the death. Kobe doesn't know he's 22 and half pounds.

Kobe discovered he could stand on this leather stool to observe the parking lot.

Typical of the breed, they think everything is theirs. So Aja knocked him off his perch ,...

Then claimed it for her own. Contrary to what people think, I do not pose her paws in this crossed manner. She sits like this all the time. I think she is proof of reincarnation.

Hope you all are staying dry and warm this January. Food posts on rabbit and fish dishes coming up soon.


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Janel Gradowski said...

Loved the pictures of your pups! Coop will lay with his paws crossed. We call it his prim and proper pose.

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