Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Visit and my first experience with shooting - whoop!

Hello to friends and family! I have been mentally exhausted as of late and couldn't get online as much as I used to for updating and replying to emails. But I am rejuvenated and want to share our little trip to Georgia to visit our son.

Doug and I had a great tour on post. We went up for what may be our last visit with Tristan before he ships out to Afghanistan. If they send him as troops deployed are being reduced.

We sure had fun visiting - he treated us to a tour of the vehicles I had been wanting to see. I have to say, I was like a monkey climbing on the ones I was permitted to have access. Love this stuff! And did I think of joining the Army way back in the day (when I was young)? Why yes, yes I did.

Sunday is family day at Aim Center Mass gun range. That means we (as a family of four) were able to get free range time. All we had to do was rent our firearms and ammunition.

This was my first time was incredible..and I am proud to say I did very well!

Check out the little red laser dot on my target.

Doug is a natural and we took turns trying out a Smith a Wesson 38 and then switched out to a 9 mm.

Later in the day we went to a local park to hike around and let the dogs get a little exercise.

Heading back we saw this old church and it required a stop so I could get a photo of this steeple. Love old buildings and this one is so picturesque.

Then all too was time to leave. Short visit but a good one. The shibas were quite ready to get on their sheet in the back seat and head home.

Now that we are home I have been getting back to baking, cooking and such and hope to share a post on a new bread recipe I am trying (it's in the rise phase right now).

Cheers all!


Janel Gradowski said...

I'm glad you had fun visiting with Tristan. It looks like you did many interesting things!

Pierce said...

Thanks Janel - we had a blast! It went by too fast, as always.

Le laquet said...

Looks like you all had a great time together!

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