A Glock Rocks!

Previously I posted about my experience in a firearm safety class. If you missed it I broke it into two posts - Classroom and Firing Range. After all that I have shared let me introduce you to a new recreational pursuit as well as my first purchase. Before I do.....I want to sum up a few thoughts about my recent experience.

Education and training are critical components for firearm ownership and safety. Anyone legally eligible to purchase a firearm may do so without any training whatsoever – but I think that’s very foolish to skip out on the basics.

The training taught me critical safety procedures as well as defensive actions. As far as defense, I hope I never EVER am put in a position where I need to evaluate whether I should pull out my firearm to protect myself or assure the safety of my loved ones. A rational person (in my humble opinion) never wants to harm or take someone’s life; what an awful thing to carry with you forever, even if it’s justified.

That being said, if an intruder breaks into our home, I am not physically capable of stopping a man from raping and/or killing me. I don’t have the protection of armed guards or a policeman at the ready in case I am in trouble – but my gun is capable of making a criminal pause and retreat, or stopping them altogether while I call law enforcement.

Do I live in fear? No. No, I don’t. But I am prepared and trained for something I hope never happens. That’s called insurance. Good to have – hope you never need it.

At this point I consider myself a recreational shooter. We have gone to several shooting ranges to target practice and it’s a blast (yes, pun intended). We shoot targets at 8, 15 and 25 feet. Practice is what I am needing for the 20+ foot targets. There is a camaraderie among the men and women who show up and practice with revolvers, semi-automatics and rifles. I love the sound of the neighboring rifles as you hear a whooshing crack…followed by a thump!

So, what did I end up getting for my first gun? A Glock 26, a sturdy 9 millimeter semi-automatic. It was a tough choice between that and the Smith and Wesson Shield (another 9 mm.) but I surely do love the hand feel of the Glock. It’s actually called a Baby Glock and fits well in my small hand.

Doug has a Glock 30, a hefty .45 cal which gives me too much recoil. Had to try it though. It’s a nice gun. He’s a great shot and quite enthusiastic!

For what it's worth, if you ever decide to own a semi-automatic weapon, buy a speed loader. Otherwise you'll feel the cramp and pain of trying to push bullets into a magazine and if you have small hands like I do, oh my. I wasn't the only one who had help loading the ammo but a speed loader makes life easier.

So there you have it folks………..thank you for taking the journey with me. I know that no matter what I have written, how I have stressed safety, handling and responsibility with gun ownership there will be some gun control advocates who disagree. But if you feel this way, I will politely ask you to please read my posts again so you understand this is about education and choice.

I am not a gun nut. I wasn’t before the class nor am I now. I am now merely an informed recreational shooter. It’s a continuing education….I’m still just a baker, a wife, a mom who worries, a dreamer and now a gun owner.

Thanks to the initial training I had at Talon I have the confidence in my ability to handle a loaded firearm. There is a Basic II class which my husband and I will take in the near future.

If you are thinking of buying a firearm – please take a safety course and let me know what you think!


Debra Eliotseats said...

One bit of advice. Do not wear a low V-neck t-shirt to the shooting range. Shells are hot mamas (especially when they go down your shirt). I am speaking from experience! :)

Pierce said...

Thanks, Debra. I had a sweatshirt on when we went shooting but I would probably wear a t shirt once it gets hotter. I am new at this so I appreciate the advice!

Janel Gradowski said...

Glad to see you're enjoying your new sport. It is definitely fun to hit the target and training is a crucial part of owning a weapon. Enjoy!

Pierce said...

Thank you, Janel...we have been enjoying the range time. Need to try those spinning targets you mentioned :-)

Kim said...

Well, I think everyone should know how to shoot a gun. You never know when you might need to use it.


Pierce said...

Thank you, Kim! It's sure been fun.

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