This past weekend - Family Time!

How was your weekend...the last one, Memorial day weekend? When I am in line at a store and hear people bitching about some little thing that wasn't in stock (or whatever is griping them) I find it sad they don't remember it isn't just a long weekend or an extra day off. It's a time to honor our men and women who have died while serving our country, a day memorialized since the time of the US Civil War. Thank you.

Anyway, as it was a long weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing our son. We had a great time with Tristan even though it was a short visit. It's just never enough time but let me tell you, we packed quite a bit into the short period. Had a blast! Saturday we drove to the Otter Creek shooting range. This is where Wakulla County Sheriff's Office trains.

Here we are, Tristan spotting for me while I took a few shots with the AR 15.

Some father and son time here..............

A few photos of the guys using a Springfield 40 cal, Glocks and the rifle. Check out the shibas looking into Tristan's backpack. Nosy critters...

The pater familias...

We made cookies which I will share with you later. The recipe I mean...cause the cookies are now gone. :-)

Kobe was sad to see Tristan leave.............his paws are so white they blend with his snout. Funny.

I don't have photos of the wonderful BBQ meal we had at Hamaknockers in Crawfordville but if you are ever in the area, I have to recommend you stopping there and ordering the brisket or pulled pork. Fantastic food and has ruined me for any other BBQ place available locally.


Kim said...

I can't stand to hear people complain about every little thing when I'm out and about either. So many people are so spoiled.

So glad you enjoyed some good family time, some good cookies, and some good barbecue. Hope you get to see Tristan again sometime soon.

Le laquet said...

A BBQ restaurant called Hamaknockers has to be worth a visit surely - 1 more for the list!
Glad you had a good visit with Tristan ... always love a long weekend with family :o)

Tina said...

Thank you, Kim.....wish we had gotten more photos, we had great weather ;-)

Jo, you are so right...that BBQ place was very good. There are quite a few things I want to try. Next time I will get the brisket. Again.

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